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Best things to do in Lille

“La #GareSaintSauveur is the new Cultural Center who was create in an old railway-station. It's 5 minutes from the corner, just over the Parc Lebas. A lot of things to do : exhibition of numeric, video installation, or art from really now ! June 2016 - November 2016 : Foot Foraine : exhibition, baby-foot, installations, movies and animation between football and art. It will be the occasion to see the ballon from all its faces... and the festival "Fête de l'Entorse : Jouer Ensemble" Full program : http://www.lille3000.eu/gare-saint-sauveur/printemps-2016/evenement and www.entorse.org or www.latitudescontemporaines.com Have a break, a coffee at Bistrot St-SO ”
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Historische Stätte
“Mon endroit préféré pour courir! Au printemps/été visite du zoo. My favorite place to run! From spring to early autumn you can also access to the city zoo.”
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“This is the old town with its small houses, Hôtels particuliers and narrow streets. Until 1980's this part of Lille was full of bordels, prostitutes and drug addict since the oldest part of town. After an ambitious program of urbanism renewal, the Vieux-Lille has been the most trendy and upscale area of Lille. You will find the most expensive shops and boutiques there as well as magnificient ancient architecture. ”
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“Where you will find both a fantastic Patisserie that is still with its 18th century decoration and the traditional and best vanilla waffles from Lille. This delicacy has been famous and passed on from one generation to another for more than 2 centuries. Go try it. ”
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“Place centrale de Lille, elle rassemble différents styles de construction fruit de l'histoire de la ville de Lille”
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“The best typical restaurant you can found on Lille. Don't forget to book it!”
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“Lille Zoo houses more than 70 species of animal, from the five continents, of which 75% are are threatened with extinction in their natural habitat. Open every day from 10:00 to 17:00.”
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Farmers Market
“This covered market and the neighboring area is the best place for food. Wine, beer, cheese, meat, bread... you name it.”
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“ Where the famous and original "Merveilleux of Lille", a delicious pastry, is made. They even opened a store in NYC !”
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“A 1 arret de tram. Centre commercial avec Carrefour, boutiques shopping, Burger king, Boulangerie Paul...”
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Book Store
“The Palais des Beaux-Arts de Lille is one of the largest museums in France, and the largest French museum outside of Paris. You can find the events : http://www.pba-lille.fr/”
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“It is very close to the appartment and is the second biggest museum in France outside of Paris.”
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“Best beer selection in Lille. Considered as one of the top 20 bars in the world. ”
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“Some go there to dance a tango on Sunday, some go to watch them. All the week long you will enjoy a really peaceful hidden place with a old and 2nd hand book market. métro RIHOUR”
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“The bar downstairs of this youth hostel is super cool with loads of different local beers to try !”
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Farmers Market
“The popular area of Wazemmes, with its very famous market on tuesdays, thursdays and sundays mornings. ”
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