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Best things to do in Kingston Parish

“See works of some of Jamaica's Iconic artists over the centuries. Discover the influences that have impacted our culture and art. It sits on Kingston Harbour so you can enjoy a visit to Victoria Pier as well and sample our coffee, eat at Gloria's”
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“It is an architectural and cultural museum. It has a small souvenir shop with rich, rich history! It contains articles, instruments and furnishing used by Bob Marley, Peter Tosh and Bunny Wailer in their younger years.”
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“Attend cricket while you enjoy your stay in Kingston. It is a short bus ride away from uptown Kingston. ”
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Science Museum
“Interesting. Educational. Beside the National Library. Located in the downtown area. ”
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“Famous for its seafood. Take a beautiful drive out to Port Royal and have a look around the town. Then eat at Gloria's to end a beautiful day! ”
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“Best seafood this side, be sure to prepare for the wait, food is done to order”
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Point of Interest
“Great local arts and arts at affordable prices. Find your souvenirs here and support the local artisans. ”
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“A little bit of Jamaica's history is captured here. Much of Port Royal is submerged after a major earthquake. By the way you will eat the best seafood here at Gloria. The drive to get there along Palisadoes is beautiful ”
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“Famous titled house where it feels like the gravity of the Earth has shifted!”
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Point of Interest
“Learn about Jamaica History and visit The Giddy House & the Museum at Port Royal. ”
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“Jamaica's ethnographic museum, located in the increasingly vibrant cultural scene of downtown Kingston. ”
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“This is where people go on a tuesday night for two patrons you will get to pay the price for one. ”
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College Library
“The National Library of Jamaica is Jamaica's premier library for fostering and promoting the nation's knowledge of its history, heritage and information sources. The Library collects and preserves and documents and other media and facilitates access to the nation's cultural heritage. Check out one of their exhibits, book or poetry readings. Or make a deposit of your own Jamaican work for posterity. ”
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Point of Interest
“This is a public transportation bus center, to get transport to go within the Kingston metropolitan Area.”
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Jewelry Store
“FnB Restaurant inside! A revelation - it may say Swiss Stores but when you open the door, a v cool restaurant awaits! Great Jamaican food plus Jamaican style Chinese and rotis. Meeting point for weekend Art Walks as part of Kingston's UNESCO designation as a Creative City. Plus Music and Theatre talks held here.”
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