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Best things to do in Kyiv Oblast

“Famous street where you can find variety of souvenirs, and also some local crefts and rare things. Must visit!”
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“Only 2km away - easy to get to by Uber. Brand new shopping mall with food and multiplex. Great for a rainy day.”
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“This is a city park near to Tarasa Shevchenko university. Don`t hesitate to lay down on the grass, or play chess with old man`s (be careful, they play well).”
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“Kyiv-Pechersk Lavra is an orthodox monastery which was founded in 1051 in the caves by Anthony and Theodosius. Main tourist sight of the Lavra are the ancient caves which were created by monks in the slopes of Dnipro, the caves are connected by deep subterranean passages, the height of which is more than 2 meters. Today Lavra is a museum complex covering an area over 28 hectares, more than 80 buildings are located on its territory. 37 of them are part of territory. The are the museums of ancient gold and the first printing in Rus. Kyiv-Pechersk Lavra is an object of world heritage of UNESCO which serves as confirmation of high historical value of this object for the world cultural heritage ”
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“Saint Sophia Cathedral in Kiev is an outstanding architectural monument of Kievan Rus'”
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“In Arena city you can find a lot of restaurants, shops, bars and nightclubs. ”
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“Top brands for women, men and children, home comfort, sports and travel + entertainment such as cinema, bowling, children center, as well as concerts, exhibitions and autograph sessions of the stars. ”
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“That's quite a romantic place in the evening with all the musical fountains. ”
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“Cool and quiet park in city centre. Were we have celeb=rated our wedding day )))) ”
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“The basic principle of the main Arena of Ukraine provides creation of something bigger than just the stadium. The purpose - to present the object, which everybody likes to visit regardless of age.”
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“It's an international centre for contemporary art of the 21st century. It is an open platform for the artists, the art work and society. It is aimed at the exhibiting new production, presentation, and collection bridging national identity and international challenge. It is an ideal venue for masterworks and workgroups by outstanding artists of our time which reflect and represent the complexity of the world, transforming it into a unique and new form. Admission to PinchukArtCentre is free. Opening hours: Tuesday through Sunday from 12:00 until 21:00 (Closed Mon.)”
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Skating Rink
“Really cool place, it's decorated in a lot of styles (greek, chinese, hollywood area, etc.)”
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“The main street of Kyiv. Monumentalism architecture, a lot of tourists, cafes, shops.”
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“SHOPPING FOR ANY BUDGET Recent brands for women, men and children, comfort, sport and travel. FUN FOR THE WHOLE FAMILY Cinema, bowling, children's entertainment center "HuliveriYa" as well as concerts, exhibitions and autograph sessions stars. SERVICES Beauty salon, bank, supermarket, car wash and more - all for your comfort. RESTAURANTS 3 15 conceptual restaurants and institutions with varied cuisine. ”
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“Можно найти все необходимо: начиная от одежды и заканчивая продуктами. Есть фудкорт.”
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Opera House
“ One of the most notable ballets and opera scenes in Europe, founded in 1867 in neo-Renaissance style by German-Russian architect Victor Schroter. Every day (except Monday),you can seevarious ballet or opera shows there for an low price ($ 3-10) You can book your tickets online.”
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