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Best things to do in Kyiv Oblast

“Kyiv-Pechersk Lavra is an orthodox monastery which was founded in 1051 in the caves by Anthony and Theodosius. Main tourist sight of the Lavra are the ancient caves which were created by monks in the slopes of Dnipro, the caves are connected by deep subterranean passages, the height of which is more than 2 meters. Today Lavra is a museum complex covering an area over 28 hectares, more than 80 buildings are located on its territory. 37 of them are part of territory. The are the museums of ancient gold and the first printing in Rus. Kyiv-Pechersk Lavra is an object of world heritage of UNESCO which serves as confirmation of high historical value of this object for the world cultural heritage ”
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“The oldest cathedral. Was built in 1011-1037 years. Tickets include free excursion.”
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“The basic principle of the main Arena of Ukraine provides creation of something bigger than just the stadium. The purpose - to present the object, which everybody likes to visit regardless of age.”
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History Museum
“The memorial complex of the National Museum of History of Great Patriotic War 1941-45 occupies an area of 10 hectares on a hill above Dnipro. It was built in 1981 under the plan of sculptor Ye. Vuchetych by the group of authors (sculptors. V. Boroday, F. Sohoian, architect V. Yelizarov and others). The dominant sight of the memorial is the building of museum, on top of which, as on a pedestal, stands the 62 m high statue of Mother–Motherland. The total height of building is 108 m. Weight to the monument – is 530 tons. The statue holds a 16 m long sword in the right hand, and a shield with the coat of arms of the USSR in the left one. Metro: «Dniprо», «Druzhby Narodiv», «Pecherskа» ”
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“Галерея современного искусства в переоборудованном танковом цеху. Множество художественных экспонатов: картин, скульптур и прочего.”
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Night Club
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“Semi-experimental cousine, hard to guess what you want but you always get what you like.”
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History Museum
“Pirogovo is a historical place, that takes its name after the village that has been here since 17th century. It gives you an opportunity to see the architecture and mode of life of all the regions in Ukraine starting from 17th up to 20th century. Make sure the weather is nice and you hve comfortable shoes.”
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History Museum
“Литературно-мемориальный музей Михаила Афанасьевича Булгакова был открыт на его родине в Киеве в 1989 году. Коллекция музея сегодня составляет около 3 тысяч экспонатов, 500 из которых собственно булгаковские. За время существования музея коллекция выросла более, чем в 10 раз. Музей расположен в доме, хорошо известном читателям Булгакова по роману «Белая гвардия». В романе описан 51 день из жизни одной интеллигентской семьи во время гражданской войны на Украине. Своих героев Турбиных Булгаков «поселил» там, где жил сам во время тех же событий – в доме №13 по Алексеевскому/ Андреевскому спуску.”
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“A speakeasy bar that also serves high quality meals, worth visiting for a cocktail or a dinner.”
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“Водонапорная башня Киева, различная магистральная сантехника и системы водоочистки. Познавательно. Находится в Центральном городском парке, есть бювет и музыкальный фонтан. Можно запрограммировать в маршрут пешей или велопрогулки.”
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“Можно пробежать и за 15 минут , но если погулять, почитать, пофотографироваться - то и часа мало. В будни дешевле. Интересно, когда брать гида.”
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