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Best things to do in Kyiv Oblast

Opera House
“Opera house. You can buy tickets on the place. Beautiful building, inside too.)”
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Bus Station
“Look for caves guided tours here! Must see in Eastern Europe. Also known as the Kiev Monastery of the Caves, is a historic Orthodox Christian monastery which gave its name to one of the city districts where it is located in Kiev. Since its foundation as the cave monastery in 1051[5] the Lavra has been a preeminent center of Eastern Orthodox Christianity in Eastern Europe. Together with the Saint Sophia Cathedral, it is inscribed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.”
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“Full street of restaurant. Beach of Dnepr river. Nice big place to have fun, simply have a rest, walk, relax.”
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“Botanical garden - a green zone in the city center. Calm, close to nature. Try to find a greenhouse that is a scientific part of Taras Shevchenko University.”
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“If you are around these places do not miss a walk along Peizazhna Alley - one of my favorite places in Kiev (although got a bit touristy in recent years). Great views of the river and the left bank. Buy fresh coffee from one of many small vendors, or if you are more adventures, take the concrete stairs (that go under a path) and have a small picnic on the hills overlooking the city.”
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Botanical Garden
“You may take bus 62, and go directly there. In winter time, azalias are blossoming, and from spring to late autumn orchards, flowerbeds and reconstructed ecosystems from all over the world will keep you relaxed. There is also a playground for kids. ”
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Ukrainisches Restaurant
“My favorite canteen style eatery. I would call it an everyday quality "hunger satisfier" for a moderate price. ”
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Point of Interest
“Nice place for walking and running. It has very cool sculptures for children ”
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“The famous Volodymyrska Hill is the part of Dnipro slopes of historical centre of Kyiv. Volodymyrska Hill is the most valuable archaeological and architectonically-protective reserve area, the historical landscape, which is guarded. The park was founded in the middle of XIX century. In old times the Volodymyrska Hill was named the Mykhailivska Hill. In the middle of XIX century city authority decided to set a monument to St. Volodymyr here. This monument became the composition centre of the Volodymyrska Hill. The monument is a symbol of Kyiv, a sight, that is most often represented in the works of painters, graphic artists, photographers to our days. In 1905 a funicular was opened there.”
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Point of Interest
“The oldest city market in Kiev. Pre-soviet era architecture and best food choice. Must see. Must buy. :) ”
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“Излюбленное место туристов. Древний Киев. Сохранившиеся и восстановленные постройки 13-18 веков. Красивейшая древняя площадь - центр отдыха с массой достопримечательностей. ”
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Night Club
“Caribbean Club - is a cult place in Kiev, where the merged chic west and fiery Latin rhythms. The most striking shows, exciting energy and the best musical performances in Kyiv. From the first days of opening Caribbean Club attracted people with its unique atmosphere, friendly staff and great music. Having earned a positive reputation, the night club at the top of popularity among the people of Kiev, the city of visitors, and especially - the foreigners. Since 2013 Caribbean Club turned the page of its rich night life, and got its new incarnation, expressed in a modern concert hall. So there is a new place for the true connoisseurs of quality music. ”
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“Enjoy the great view of Kyiv from the rooftop. Lots of bars and restaurants inside ”
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“A very unique and part of Kyiv with nice architecture, art galleries and designer studios, cafes, restaurants and the like.”
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“Grill do Brasil - the best steak-house tradition brought from Brazil! RODIZIO - the most popular tradition of service of Brazilian cuisine, also known as "eat as much as you like" and this exact unique concept offers in this restaurant. IT IS MORE THAN ABOUT THE MEAT! *Rodizio - “spinning” A special type of service. **Gaucho - cowboy. There is so called specially trained chefs who roast meat, and spread and perfectly slice it. ***Caipirinha - a traditional drink of Cachaca (Cachaca), fresh lime, sugar and ice. ”
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