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Best things to do in Karlovy Vary

“Jan Becher Museum is a place, where you can learn everything and anything about a famous Czech liqueur that is originally from Karlovy Vary.”
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Hot Spring
“Lázeňská kolonáda.”
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“A must visit for any visitor to KV interested in a beautiful view from a high view tower, a tiny animal farm and amazing exotic butterflies flying around lively. All that and more in one place.”
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Travel Agency
“Moser is one of the world famous glass making factories in the city of Karlovy Vary. Their products are everywhere in the top circles of any society you can think of, starting with the English Royal family all the way to the US and Russian presidents.”
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“Vaří kromě jídla i karlovarské pivo - tradiční značku Karel.”
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“Terminál městské hromadné dopravy.”
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Malerischer Ausblick
“The only viewpoint that you can take a funicular too. Beautiful old view tower that will let you see the entire valley that Karlovy Vary sits in.”
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“Pro cyklisty, úžasná krajina, podél řeky, upravená trasa, občerstvení, minizoo, koně, lodě, rafty, kemp...”
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Grocery or Supermarket
“Supermarket se vším potřebným.”
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“Krásná lázeňská kolonáda.”
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“Museum that rotates its exhibitions therefore, always look online on what is the program before you visit.”
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“Krásné prostředí, dobrá lokalita.”
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“super jidlo a vyber.”
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Point of Interest
“Peter the Great Lookout is named after Russian Tsar that was one of the most famous patients that ever underwent cure in Karlovy Vary (1711-1712).”
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