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Best things to do in Provinz Jeju

“Along with Hanla mountain, Sungsan is one of the most popular scenic views in Jeju. It rises up over the sea to provide spectacular vistas of the ocean and nearby UDO Island. Visitors can marvel at its beauty from the base or scale the many stairs to the top to get the most of Sungsan. This is one of the natural monuments in Jeju that is a must see.”
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Point of Interest
“넓게 보이는 바닷길을 바라보며 산책 하고 싶다면 강력히 추천드리는 곳 입니다! 탁트인 경치가 막힌 가슴을 뻥~ 뚫어주거든요. 단! 바람이 너무 거센날은 다음기회로 남겨두세요. ”
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“[Dongmun Market] Jeju traditional market. You can buy Jeju specialties tangerine, chocolate of various flavors and you can eat fresh raw fish(sushi) in the market.”
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“Seogwipo Maeil (everyday) Olle Market in Seogwipo city center. You can find fresh local fruits, Jeju souvenirs, fresh sushi and other seafood etc. 25 min drive distance from here.”
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“Great place for tea lovers. There is also big Inisfree cosmetic brand so if you are a big fan of this brand, worth to visit. They have a lovely green tea class session I would love to recommend. 1 hour class needed to book online.”
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Malerischer Ausblick
“제주의 대표적 관광지 입니다. ----Dragon Shaped Rock--- Volcanic Rock shaped like dragon. ”
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“This is the largest of the islands included in Jeju-si.[1] Udo, literally "Cow Island" in Chinese, has this name because it looks like a cow lying down.”
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“Pyeseon beach is a pretty large beach.the beach is a great place children to play since it is low tides”
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Natural Feature
“One of the best Oreums in Jeju you can see breathtaking landscape from the top which you can easily climb up within 30-40 min. Be prepared with strong wind from the sea.”
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“숙소에서 자동차로 10~15분 이내 위치해있으며, 사계절 모두 인기많은 해변이지만 특히 여름철에는 제주관광지 1위에 오를정도로 아름답고 사랑스러운해변”
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“Very nice and quite beach even in summer time compared to nearby crowd Hyeopjae beach. Great view over Biyang-island. Usually not too deep usually, so it is a safe beach for family trip with children.”
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“Nutmeg trees forest. 1 hour distance to walk around all paths. Good place for all age group.”
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“"Jeju is one of the few places in the world you can see columnar joints. Lava rushing into the sea formed these beautiful natural steps.”
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“Even if you walk slow, one hour is enough to walk around this lovely Bija forest. Super easy path so it is good for family trip.”
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Botanical Garden
“Largest park in Jeju with an arboretum, zoo, cave, cultural center and much more.”
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Bus Line
“One of famous beaches in Jeju. A bit crowed in summer but it has an amazing view with Biyang-small island and its own sea water color. Relaxing calm beach.”
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