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Öffentliche Verkehrsmittel in Jamaika

“Jamaica is internationally known for its Reggae music. Therefore, what better way to immerse yourself in its culture than to visit the museum in honour of the legendary singer/musician, Robert "Bob" Nesta Marley!”
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“Ein traumhafter Wasserfall. Vorher Cruiseship-Ankünfte checken. Am Besten früh morgens oder am Nachmittag aufsuchen, da ansonsten sehr viele Besucher.”
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“This park offers a number of benefits. You can go for exercise (walking/jogging), picnics, socializing, and a to engage in games such as table tennis.”
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“Shopping centre with movie theatre, local restaurants and foreign franchises, pharmacy, supermarket and various shops.”
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“Island-inspired bites on a sunset patio to dancehall and reggae beats under the moonlight at the seaside nightclub.”
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“One of the oldest Botanical Gardens in the Caribbean. Magnificent scenery and wonderful spots to sit and enjoy. Don't miss the recently added Chinese Garden - make sure you do a tour with Mr Creary who is a font of information”
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Point of Interest
“Amazing views of Jamaica’s rain forest and north coast. Zip-lining, bobsledding and hummingbirds. ”
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“You have got to try the world famous ice cream or yogurt . If you enjoy spicy food then the curried goat patty is must! Lobster patties also available in season ”
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Andere tolle Restaurants mit Sitzmöglichkeiten im Freien
“Hier kann man verschiedene Programme buchen, um mit Delfinen zu schwimmen. ”
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Karibisches Restaurant
“A Fun place to hang out, drink, eat swim or even lay on the beach, right at the cruise port in Island Village. Good entertainment ( sometimes concerts) and a very busy place on ship days and chill when there is no ships ”
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Karibisches Restaurant
“Food and music is awesome. Watch the divers jump off the cliff at break neck heights ”
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“Beste karibische Küche. Jeden Freitag ab Mitternacht wird das Restaurant in eine Discothek umgewandelt”
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“Here you'll find Jamaican local crafts, local food, accessories such as local jewelry and souvenirs. ”
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“Moderately priced menu. Specializes in American and Caribbean cuisine and has a bar.”
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“If you have been to Dunns River Falls. You must visit YS Falls. You can enjoy fresh river falls. Amazing zip lining. A theraputic hot swimming pool for adults! Great place to enjoy the day for the whole family. Did I mention they have a fantastic gift shop too!”
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“See works of some of Jamaica's Iconic artists over the centuries. Discover the influences that have impacted our culture and art. It sits on Kingston Harbour so you can enjoy a visit to Victoria Pier as well and sample our coffee, eat at Gloria's”
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