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Best things to do in Indianapolis

Cultural Center
“SPRING BLOOMS Imagine an idyllic, vernal campus carpeted with over half a million blooms. A staggering cascade of flowers will unfold, from tulips to peonies. Thousands of netted iris, crocus, hyacinth, and early daffodils have been planted all across The Garden. Native, perennial wildflowers enhance our wooded spaces. As the weather warms, the outdoor displays begin to swell. Look for the tall, Dr. Seuss-like blooms of Allium stipitatum ‘White Giant’ near the Sutphin Fountain and the slate-purple colored bell-like flowers of the Persian fritillary at the front of Lilly House. For this year’s outdoor exhibition, our team of staff and volunteers planted over 100,000 bulbs. To top it off, our Beer Garden returns in the spring. You’re welcome to grab a beverage and wander The Garden. Visit early and often to watch nature paint the landscape in slow motion at Newfields.”
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“Did you know that Indy is the home of the world's largest childresn's museum? No chidren? No worries - this museum is a blast for all ages. (4.4 miles away)”
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“45 minutes from Frankfort via I65 and I465. The Indy Speedway also has a terrific museum.”
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Football Stadium
“Home of the Indianapolis Colts, this huge stadium boasts a retractable roof. ”
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“Largest State Park in Indiana - good for walks cycling, forest deer, nature reserve. ”
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Malerischer Ausblick
“Awesome european canal with local shops and restaurants. Great for running or renting a boat with the fam! Near white river state park. Park on the street somewhere nearby”
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Neue amerikanische Küche
“Did someone say BRUNCH? But I will warn you, this is not your traditional brunch. Milktooth is a "fine diner" that provides a worldly take on farm-to-table cuisine. It has been nationally recognized as one of the best new restaurants in the country! (1.2 miles away)”
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Neue amerikanische Küche
“Located in the nearby Fletcher place neighborhood, this modern American restaurant is a local favorite. Even better than the food is the ambiance and the lovely patio right off of the city's famous cultural trail. (1.1 miles away)”
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“Circle Center Mall is a multi-block mall located in the heart of downtown. I recommend using the underground parking that can be reached from either Washington Street or Maryland Street. I believe it costs around $2 for two hours. ”
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Dog Run
“A bar district located along a canal in northern Indianapolis. Many good restaurants and bars nearby. This is Butler Bulldog country. ”
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“It is a couple of miles away and has too many options to eat/drink to count.”
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“This is a small and intimate place for dinner with a cozy local vibe and very upscale crowd. ”
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“Both a zoo and a botanical garden, the Indy zoo does not disappoint. (2.5 miles away)”
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“This is truly the heart of downtown Indy and a must see. Climb up (or ride the elevator) to the top to see a panoramic view of the city. (1.4 miles away)”
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“Excellent burgers with fresh ingredients. So fresh they make their own sauces like the ketchup! Too many items are wonderful like The End Burger, or the Viking Lamb Burger, or Provencal Burger. I also recommend the Gorgonberry Pecan Salad and Bread Pudding for dessert. ”
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“A hit and trendy arts area Southwest of downtown with interesting venues and restaurants. ”
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