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Öffentliche Verkehrsmittel in Helsinki

“Near my place, bars and restaurants (plus the best ice cream in town, Jädelinö). They have some food festival and other events as well, check their FB page”
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Transit Station
“Linnanmäki Amusement Park has a wide range of activities to entertain you. Too bad it is close during winter. ”
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“Helsinki market square has a lot of small vendors offering a wide selection of food, snacks, souvenirs, etc.”
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Thailändisches Restaurant
“This Thai restaurant is often full of people, but when if you can find room you're in for a treat! ”
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Skandinavisches Restaurant
“The restaurant, opened in 1934, server its customers Finnish food and atmosphere. The spirit of the restaurant is created, with a little help from the personnel, by its particular clientele. Restaurant Sea Horse has served Finnish delicates, such as crispy fried Baltic herrings, vorschmack, herring plates and Wiener schnitzels, for as long as 80 years. It’s safe to say that Sea Horse is a part of Finnish restaurant history, perhaps already somewhat of an institution.”
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“The Uspenski Cathedral is the biggest orthodox chursh in Wester Europe and definitely a gorgeous place to experience, actively holding masses.”
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“Nice restaurants and lovely atmosphere. 10 minutes walk from the apartment. ”
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“Keskuspuisto, the Helsinki Central park, stretches all the way from the city centre to Northern Helsinki. It is easily accessed from my house and there you can walk, run and bike for hours on end. https://www.hel.fi/hel2/keskuspuisto/eng/1centralpark/”
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“The Finnish Natural History Museum's exhibitions show the diversity of nature. The "Finnish Nature" exhibition offers a fascinating journey through Finland from the southern coast to the northern fells. Also a very fun museum for kids.”
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“Korkeasaari is the number one Zoo in Finland, located in a small island separated by a strait from Katajanokka. To go there, you can take ferry from Kauppatori in summertime, or choose metro/bus connection from the north end of the island. When the weather is completely still and sounds of the city fade away in the evening, you can sometimes hear the lions roaming. ”
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“The Finnish Science Centre Heureka introduces the public to science and technology in an engaging and interactive way. https://www.heureka.fi/”
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“Neighborhood cinema and bar. You can enjoy food / drinks while watching movies in comfortable sofas!”
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“Small café serving their own micro-roastery coffee, highly recommended if you're into artisan coffee.”
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“Mattolaituri is a seaside terrace located at the beautiful inlet between the islands of Uunisaari and Harakka. You can enjoy the spectacular sea view over a glass of wine. Mainly focused on beverages and other drinks amongst small snacks. You can walk there along the beautiful sea promenade. Afterwards you can walk through the nearby Kaivopuisto park, which is one of the biggest parks in the city centre. ”
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“Take a walk around Töölönlahti and end up in this beautiful cafe with beautiful views to Opera House <3”
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“Helsinki Cathedral is the most sightseeing place. Discover all historical details with Friendly Guide!”
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