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Best things to do in Helsingborg

“A modern, cool museum with several exhibitions running parallel. There's a nice area where you can sit and have a read or just enjoy the view of the marina and ocean. ”
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“The Kärnan castle is one of the most famous attraction in Helsingborg city.”
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“The shopping street of Helsingborg, you find it by stepping out of the building :) ”
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“An open-air museum with lots of old buildings that come from different places and eras in Sweden. There's a café, farm animals, gardens... so lots of places to hang around. Good for families and those interested in history and nature. ”
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Natural Feature
“Pålsjö forest. Beautiful for walking, running or having a waffle at the café.”
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“A bit more expensive but the view is magnificent since the restaurant is just at the sea front. ”
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“A fantatsic place to spend the day with the family. Free walking monkeys and lots of discovery stations for kids. Also a cafe.”
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Skandinavisches Restaurant
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“Great bar, mixed guests of all ages, soft environment. As a restaurant, great food, good prices and great service!”
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“This old building and party place hosts lots of concerts and events, and is located literally by the water. ”
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“Ta båten över till Helsingör och strosa omkring där eller sitt kvar på båten och ät i restaurangen. Mycket prisvärt!”
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Point of Interest
“Olympia is the home turf for Helsingborgs fotball team that are playing in the second highest league. ”
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“Cinema: most movies are in English with Swedish subtitles. However movies for younger children are often dubbed into Swedish. Please check SF Bio's homepage for details.”
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“Medlemmar, gäster och press är rörande överens om att Vasatorps GK ger dig allt du som golfspelare kan önska dig. Med 54 hål och 4 banor – var och en med sin unika karaktär, arkitektur och svårighet”
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“Folkligt restaurang som alltid är full efter att ha funnits på samma ställe i mer än tjugo år. Italienskt med kärlek”
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