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Best things to do in Hanoi

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“This Hoan Kiem Lake is the icon of Hanoi, very beautiful and peaceful. You can see a lot of things here, especially at weekend (Friday to Sunday), when every road around this lake will be blocked for walking streets event. Go there and enjoy a view of Hanoi. ”
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“As you may see, The President Ho Chi Minh was the great Hero of Vietnamese, so this is also a place to see and visit him if you want. The President Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum is a mausoleum which serves as the resting place of Vietnamese Revolutionary leader Ho Chi Minh in Hanoi, Vietnam”
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“This is a tourist area, all those who have come to Hanoi should know about this street, it gathers all food and drink and can play very late at night like a night club, Bar, Music Venue, Wineny ,... ”
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Opera House
“The Hanoi Opera House, or the Grand Opera House is an opera house in central Hanoi, Vietnam. It was erected by the French colonial administration between 1901 and 1911. ”
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History Museum
“Hỏa Lò Prison (Vietnamese: [hwa᷉ː lɔ̂]) was a prison used by the French colonists in French Indochina for political prisoners, and later by North Vietnam for U.S. prisoners of war during the Vietnam War. During this later period it was known to American POWs as the Hanoi Hilton. The prison was demolished during the 1990s, although the gatehouse remains as a museum.”
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“DescriptionSt. Joseph's Cathedral is a church on Nha Chung Street in the Hoàn Kiếm District of Hanoi, Vietnam. Its a late 19th-century Gothic Revival church that serves as the cathedral of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Hanoi to nearly 4 million Catholics in the country.”
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Confucian Temple
“A very old and historical Temple where you can explore the primary education system of Vietnam. The first University of Vietnam was located inside this place. ”
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Asiatisches Restaurant
“A triple building in the center of Hanoi where you can shop and relax with many high- class stores/ brands, restaurants, an indoor gaming center and movie theater. Some brands: Nike, Zara, Mac, CK, Adidas, Pedro, Accessorize, Kappa, Dr Marten, Mango etc Food store: Kichi Kichi, Thai express, Seoul Garden, Capricciosa, Tokyo Yukai, Movie theater: CGV ”
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“Đồng Xuân Market is a market in the center district Hoàn Kiếm of Hanoi, Vietnam. Originally built by the French administration in 1889, Đồng Xuân Market has been renovated several times with the latest in 1994 after a fire which almost destroyed the market.”
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“It is one of the most iconic attractions place, where you can see the performance at performing-arts venue presenting theatrical water puppetry shows with accompanying music.”
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“This is a very nice place, so that you can learn everything about Vietnamese people with complete differences in culture. The Vietnam Museum of Ethnology (Vietnamese: Bảo tàng Dân tộc học Việt Nam) is a museum in Hanoi, Vietnam, which focuses on the 54 officially recognised ethnic groups in Vietnam. It is located on a 43,799-square-metre (10.823-acre) property [1] in the Cầu Giấy District, about 8 km from the city center. The Museum is a member of the Vietnam Academy of Social Sciences - an academic institution of the Vietnamese Government.”
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Vietnamesisches Restaurant
“Prepare your stomach, food is awaiting. Bustling night market packed with lively stalls selling clothing, souvenirs & street food. ”
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Vietnamesisches Restaurant
“What a best nightclub in the Old Quarter! Found by best people in the Hanoi's nightlife. I love this place because of how friendly and familiar it has had to me. Ever heard about ~500.000 USD sound system? Music: Electronic Dance Music, Trap, Dubstep, Live Music and also: DJMag Top100 DJs sometimes.”
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History Museum
“"This excellent modern museum showcases the roles of women in Vietnamese society and culture. Labelled in English and French, it’s the memories of the wartime contribution by individual heroic women that are most poignant. If the glut of information sometimes feels repetitive, for visual stimulation there is a stunning collection of propaganda posters, as well as costumes, tribal basketware and fabric motifs from Vietnam’s ethnic minority groups. Check the website for special exhibitions." says Lonenly Planet. Too great, this museum is too close to walk to, next to the street.”
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“The restaurants that have all 3 Cuisines Central VietNams, wanna try everythings, this could be your choices”
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“Following President Barack Obama took a detour during his trip to Vietnam to grab dinner with Anthony Bourdain.. The president of the United States and the adventurous TV chef, dined at local restaurant Bún chả Hương Liên in Hanoi, where they chatted over bowls of grilled pork with noodles and other Vietnamese dishes.”
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