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Top-Empfehlungen von Einheimischen

Vom Sightseeing bis hin zu versteckten Juwelen: Finde mit der Hilfe von erfahrenen Einheimischen heraus, was die Stadt einzigartig macht.

History Museum
“National Museum illustrates Finnish history from prehistorical to present times. The museum's unique exhibits tell of the life from a period of over 10 000 years. Temporary exhibitions on current themes and an interactive exhibition Vintti, where you can experience history by doing yourself.”
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“The cozy 115-year-old Hietalahti Market Hall has plenty of nice cafés and restaurants. International kitchens offer delicious flavour experiences around the world. The building alone is worth a visit, a charming genuine vibe. ”
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Skandinavisches Restaurant
“Finnish food as its best! If you look for Finnish food, try the Sea Horse- restaurant. Very big portions :)”
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Transit Station
“Linnanmäki Amusement Park has a wide range of activities to entertain you. Too bad it is close during winter. ”
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“Kellohalli and a number of other restaurants. Kitchen is closing though about 14:00s. It's a cultural venue with a number of music events and cultural happenings”
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“The Central Park of Helsinki offers excellent opportunities for outdoor sports and recreation. The nature in the Central Park is varied, with many different types of terrain and species of birds and mammals. The Central Park begins in the south at Töölönlahti Bay in the middle of the city and ends in Haltiala and the River Vantaa on the northern border of Helsinki. Covering a thousand hectares, the Central Park is ten kilometres in length and an excellent representative of the rich and varied nature in the southern coastal area.”
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“The Uspenski Cathedral is the biggest orthodox chursh in Wester Europe and definitely a gorgeous place to experience, actively holding masses.”
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“During the summer days, lot of stalls where to buy cheap local food and good views to the sea from the harbour”
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“Neighborhood cinema and bar. You can enjoy food / drinks while watching movies in comfortable sofas!”
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Thailändisches Restaurant
“This Thai restaurant is often full of people, but when if you can find room you're in for a treat! ”
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“Korkeasaari is the number one Zoo in Finland, located in a small island separated by a strait from Katajanokka. To go there, you can take ferry from Kauppatori in summertime, or choose metro/bus connection from the north end of the island. When the weather is completely still and sounds of the city fade away in the evening, you can sometimes hear the lions roaming. ”
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“It's a nice place to explore science and fiction. Children find this a very good place to learn. ”
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“Small café serving their own micro-roastery coffee, highly recommended if you're into artisan coffee.”
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“Don't know if it's restaurants or nightlife place to give a tag, but closer to the weekend we go there is a chance they have a dj out there. Good pizzas that are their own style you will not find in a pizzerias.”
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Jewelry Store
“A big mall with a movie theater and everything you could need. Two stops by train towards Leppävaara. ”
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“Take a walk around Töölönlahti and end up in this beautiful cafe with beautiful views to Opera House <3”
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