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Best things to do in Granada

“Die Alhambra ist eine bedeutende Stadtburg auf dem Sabikah-Hügel von Granada in Spanien, die als eines der schönsten Beispiele des maurischen Stils der islamischen Kunst gilt. Sehr sehenswert!”
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“The Holy Cathedral Metropolitan Cathedral of the Incarnation of Granada is a Catholic temple of the Spanish city of Granada, seat of the archdiocese of the city. The temple is one of the masterpieces of the Spanish Renaissance. // La Santa Iglesia Catedral Metropolitana de la Encarnación de Granada es un templo católico de la ciudad española de Granada, sede de la archidiócesis de la ciudad. El templo es una de las obras cumbres del Renacimiento español.”
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Point of Interest
“The place to be to watch the sunset go down over La Alhambra palace and Granada.”
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Spanisches Restaurant
“Delicious seafood! Fresh. Order a cerveza or a tinto verano and wait...they will bring you a plate of something delicious. Place your order after seeing what your tapas is! ”
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“a must-see neighborhood. as you walk through the streets you'll almost certainly hear woman singing flamenco as they hang out the wash and can marvel at the doors opening up into hidden caves in the sides of the hills.”
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“Beautiful plaza -- you must visit!. Plaza bonita -- es imprescindible verla :) ”
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“Very famous and old restaurant with delicious tapas, wines and drinks. Don't get confused because next to this restaurante is another called "Antigua Bodegas Castañada" but it is NOT the same restaurante, it is NOT as antiguo / old, nor is it as good haha ! // Muy famoso y antiguo restaurante con tapas deliciosos, vinos y bebidas. No tengas confusión porque hay OTRO restaurante se llama "Antigua Bodegas Castañada" AL LADO pero NO es el mismo y no es TAN antiguo ni TAN bueno !! jaja ”
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“The Albaicín is the oldest quarter of the Spanish city of Granada. It is located on one of three mountain ranges in the area between the hills of San Cristobal, Elvira and Sacromonte as well as the elevation on which the Alhambra is situated. Most of the buildings are a testimony from the time of Moorish settlement. Some of the remains of the walls date back to the Roman and Iberian era. From Albaicín you can see the Alhambra. The sight is especially at sunset an unforgettable beautiful show. The Alhambra is a 740-meter long Burganlage and a world-famous testimony of Islamic art. There you find a lot good tapas bars.”
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“You can get your meat or fish in the specific shops and other shops will cook it for you.”
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“Very beautifull neighborhood where people of this area usually live whith a litlle market and shops for buy what you need.”
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“The Royal Chapel of Granada is a Catholic worship temple, located in the center of the city of Granada, Spain. At the moment it forms an annex to the Cathedral of that city, being both temples one of its great tourist attractions. It was founded as a funeral chapel by the Catholic Monarchs, Isabel I of Castile and Fernando II of Aragon, and also houses the graves of her daughter and heiress Juana la Loca and her husband, Felipe el Hermoso. // La Capilla Real de Granada es un templo de culto católico, ubicado en el centro de la ciudad de Granada, España. Fue fundada como capilla funeraria por los Reyes Católicos, Isabel I de Castilla y Fernando II de Aragón. ”
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Amusement Park
“a very large science museum geared towards children with several exhibits, a butterfly room and a medium sized 'biodome' that houses aquariums and animals of all kinds. a lemur once shook my hand here so clearly it's my favorite place. ”
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“Turistic area but you will feel like a local. cheap and amazing traditional food. Try the bull tale croquetas...”
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“The toponym existed at the time of the Arabs. Nowadays, Bib-Rambla is a high point for gastronomy, especially in its terraces of restaurants, open on beautiful days.”
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“Especialidad en tapeo, especialmente el Bar "los Diamantes" y el bar "el mentidero" (tapas granadinas)”
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“This is one of the most beautiful streets in Granada and Europe. Its a short walk, no longer than 15 minutes from side to side, but you can defently get distracted by all the typical stores, restaurants, art galleries, and flamenco shows in the lovely street next to the river Darro and the Alhambra as well. ”
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