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Best things to do in Gran Canaria

“On the other end of the city with the majestic views of Las Canteras, stands the Alfredo Kraus auditorium. In the popular neighborhood of Guanarteme where it is filled of young people and vibrant life.”
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History Museum
“Historisch sehr interessantes Gebäude. Dort soll sich Columbus aufgehalten haben, bevor er auf Entdeckungsreise ging.”
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“Ein liebevoll angelegter, hervorragender Pflanzen- und Tierpark in einer grandiosen Gebirgskulisse. Die Fotographie im Park ist kostenlos erlaubt. Im Park selbst befinden sich mehrere gute Restaurants. Karten können auf Wunsch bei uns geordert werden.”
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Accessories Store
“Dort kann man super einkaufen: Carrefour, Mango, Zara und man kann ins Kino gehen, wenn man Spanisch versteht.”
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“Man kann den Turm besteigen und von dort hat man eine herrliche Sicht auf die Stadt.”
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History Museum
“amazing Museum about the history of the Guances (natives from Canary Islands before the hispanic conquer)”
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Science Museum
“An absolute must. They do charge for entry. Locals get a different price then tourists. Well worth it. Most displays in English as well. MUSTS: The Gyroscope, The Flight Simulator, The Virtual Reality Experiences, The Boat Simulator, the Shows... All of it Great for kids too, WIFI is free, washrooms are clean. Sorry for all the Science Stuff they DO NOT HAVE A PUBLIC DRINKING FOUNTAIN nor PUBLIC ACCESS Toilets or Free Entry which is a real shame for the amount of tourism dollars arriving to the island everyday and that it is supposed to be a SCIENCE and TECHNOLOGY Museum. Last time we checked public drinking fountains used to exist in society. ”
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History Museum
“amazing Museum with the historical sights of the Guances (natives canarian inhabitants before the spanish conquest) 35-40 minutes driving from home”
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“Very nice to have a cocktail on the toproof in Las Palmas. you have a beautiful view and the place is really nice. open in the evening from 17h”
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Water Park
“Watery fun for families with a multitude of slides, a kids' area, sea lions & dining options.”
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“SO SO SO Cool and worth a look. Best views of marine life short of Diving in. Free Wifi as well to share your photos and adventures as you get lost in the amazing experience. HINT: Perfect for families, worth buying the year pass if you plan to go more then once. Clean washrooms. Great if you have small children or infants. Plenty of spaces to sit and take a rest. ”
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“Quirky seafood restaurant with lots of local charm. It’s about a 25 minute drive from the house. ”
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“It's the perfect location to drink a cocktail and to dance, in a fashion and moved outdoor environment, on ocean front. ”
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“It is restaurant is ideal for to know the tapas (Spanish Special Food), Good prices, good ambience near to an area of buys and cultural very nice. Open every days: 13:30 until 16:30 and 20:00 until 23:30 Google Maps: 28.107123, -15.417901 ”
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Night Club
“Pub night drinks from 12.00, several bars in the area, a lot of atmosphere from 8 pm Pub de copas nocturno a partir de las 12,00 horas , varios bares en la zona , mucho ambiente desde las 20 h X”
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“Restored stone fortification hosting a permanent collection of 25 pieces by artist Martín Chirino.”
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