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Best things to do in Gran Canaria

“One of Europe´s best city beaches. Activities: * surfing - there is good surf and surf schools/rentals in Cicer area * swimming & tanning - best in Playa Grande or La Puntilla (opposite end from Cicer) * food scene - 200 gramos, Cantina Bikina and other great restaurants * shopping - Las Arenas shopping center is by the beach and has 3h free parking (more when validating purchases over 20€) * sightseeng - the beach itself, the auditorim and the promenade ”
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Shop & Service
“Has everything including shade. On the hottest days it is a great escape from the beach. Carrefour, Primark, McDonalds, 100 Montaditios, are just a few of the many shops to try out. ”
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“On the other end of the city with the majestic views of Las Canteras, stands the Alfredo Kraus auditorium. In the popular neighborhood of Guanarteme where it is filled of young people and vibrant life.”
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History Museum
“Historisch sehr interessantes Gebäude. Dort soll sich Columbus aufgehalten haben, bevor er auf Entdeckungsreise ging.”
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Point of Interest
“A piece of the Sahara desert that must not be missed. Best views from the Hotel Riu pathway. ”
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“ This is a must see place with many walks in the aria, and fantastic views over the island.”
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History Museum
“amazing Museum about the history of the Guances (natives from Canary Islands before the hispanic conquer)”
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Natural Feature
“Unser Wahrzeichen der Insel. Die Gesamte Insel lädt jederzeit zu einer Tour ein.”
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“EL MUELLE commercial center big and nice location 10 minutes walking from home nice view from the 4th floor also Padel Tennis courts ”
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Science Museum
“An absolute must. They do charge for entry. Locals get a different price then tourists. Well worth it. Most displays in English as well. MUSTS: The Gyroscope, The Flight Simulator, The Virtual Reality Experiences, The Boat Simulator, the Shows... All of it Great for kids too, WIFI is free, washrooms are clean. Sorry for all the Science Stuff they DO NOT HAVE A PUBLIC DRINKING FOUNTAIN nor PUBLIC ACCESS Toilets or Free Entry which is a real shame for the amount of tourism dollars arriving to the island everyday and that it is supposed to be a SCIENCE and TECHNOLOGY Museum. Last time we checked public drinking fountains used to exist in society. ”
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“Eine Sammlung aller endemischen Pflanzen der kanarischen Inseln, angelegt in einem herrlichen Park. Eintritt frei”
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“The Maspalomas dunes are something to see. The best part of the beach in my opinion!”
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“Gay-Zentrum von Playa Del Inglés, div. Geschäfte, Restaurants und Bars, FitnessCenter, Diskotheken”
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Accessories Store
“Dort kann man super einkaufen: Carrefour, Mango, Zara und man kann ins Kino gehen, wenn man Spanisch versteht.”
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“Bezaubernde Altstadt mit wunderschönen, kolonialen Häusern, kleinen Sträßchen und Cafés”
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“Man kann den Turm besteigen und von dort hat man eine herrliche Sicht auf die Stadt.”
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