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Best things to do in Genf

Französisches Restaurant
“Famous Geneva restaurant, quite classic, often visited by tourists. Good reputation though not my favorite place. Medium expensive. ”
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“Nice restaurant/bar/nightclub with live music on weekends. Booking reconmmended if you want to have dinner there”
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“Rather pricy kind of shops on that street. If you want more affordable and cool go to Paquis or also to Carouge.”
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“This place is both a restaurant and bar. It's also known for it's all you can eat Sunday brunches which includes raclette in the winter!”
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“L'Usine is where the alternative scene takes its roots in Geneva. There is 2 concert venues (Le Zoo + Le Rez), a bar (La Makhno), a theater (TU), a cinema (Spoutnik) & a bunch of artists workshops.”
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“Super outdoor terrace to have some rosé in summer. If you want to meet with (or just make fun of them) the local bourgeoisie it's there at lunch time in summer.”
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“Just across from Bottle Brothers, a little more laid back. They also serve some food. Open 'till 2am.”
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“no bookings, always teeming, friendly staff and above all wonderful food, especially pizza”
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“Most fancy (And only!) night club in Geneva. To make the story short, Geneva is small, the choice is limited. The high-end going out is Les Voiles in summer/Rooftop any season till 2 p.m. and you continue in Le Baroque from 2 till 4:30 p.m. Face control, easy if you take a bottle (minimum 400 francs, usually 800), the table goes with the bottle. Sometimes considered as show off, this place has a unique atmosphere thanks to impressive cultural diversity and "hits of the moment" music. Only place where people really dance and have fun. You meet Saudi, Lebanon, Swiss, Russian, Italian, French, Morocco, Quatar and so many other nationalities. I recommend if you want discovering real Geneva.”
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“Best Lebanese food in Geneva, very casual and easy going, can take away as well.”
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“Not only for the burger but mostly for the speakeasy oyster wine bar, once again the entrance is near the toilets!”
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“Great food in the centre of Geneva. The place is surrounded by restaurants and shops. ”
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“Java Club is a nice trendy and select and exclusive nightclub of the city nightlife.”
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“Hours: Monday 8AM–7PM Tuesday 8AM–7PM Wednesday 8AM–7PM Thursday 8AM–7:30PM Friday 8AM–7:30PM Saturday 8AM–6PM Sunday Closed”
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History Museum
“Small museum of history of Geneva. Entrance is free and in the top floor they have an amazing copper reproduction of the city in 1850 before the fortifications were demolished. Must seen!”
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“The market is beautiful- a bit too costly but a feast for the eyes and great for foodies The shopping center is very nice and in the heart of the town. ”
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