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Best things to do in Gdańsk

“Beautiful Sopot and molo! Worth checking out for nice pubs and little shops!”
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“Der Olivaer Park (Park Oliwski) mit einer Größe von 11,3 Hektar, ursprünglich im Besitz des Klosters und inzwischen eine öffentlich zugängliche Parkanlage ist für sonnige Tage perfekt zum Spazieren. Mit dem Botanischen Garten Oliva (Ogród Botaniczny w Oliwie) sowie dem Zoologischen Garten (Miejski Ogród Zoologiczny w Gdańsku) der 136 Hektar groß ist und über 1.000 Tiere beherbergt sind für einen ganzen Tag tolle, ruhige Momente zu genießen. ”
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“A must see, just walk toward the sea until you reach it. The most crowded tourist area, beside Długa Street in Gdańsk.”
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“Ergo Arena - host the biggest stars of the world of entertainment. It is one of the most advanced venues of this kind in Europe. http://en.ergoarena.pl/calendar/events.html”
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History Museum
“Wszystko o ruchu Solidarności z lat 80 ubiegłego wieku. / Everything about the Solidarity from the 80s of the last century.”
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“Biggest shopping mall in Gdańsk;) Everything you need - brand clothes, perfumes, Carrefour market and fast food brands you know very well.”
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“The Ronald Reagan Park (Polish: Park imienia Ronalda Reagana) is located in the neighborhood of Przymorze Wielkie, Gdańsk, Poland.[1] Built between 2003 and 2006 out of formerly barren lands, it covers 40 hectares.[2] It honors President Ronald Reagan, who was considered instrumental in the fall of Communism in Poland,[3] along with Pope John Paul II.[4]”
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“A walking distance from the apartment - very modern, interesting, opened last year ”
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“Music and theater in the middle of the forest - worth the experience here though short concert”
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“City ZOO of Gdansk. Amazing area for lions and monkeys. A lot of animals from whole world. Really great adventure for families and not only. Recommended.”
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Point of Interest
“Place, which hosts high-class equestrian, horse racing, and numerous recreational events.”
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“There is the National Gallery of Art. Next to the gallery is a Tourist Information Point connected to the pump room and brine vantage point.”
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Ski Area
“This is the perfect place for all who love winter sports. Ski resort has a length of 286 meters.”
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“Construction took first place in the ranking of the 50 strangest buildings in the world, published by the portal Village of Joy. Inside the building are restaurants, cafes, and clubs.”
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Light Rail Station
“Beautiful football stadium with onsite fun arena (go-karts, escape rooms, aerial ropeslide, electronic paintball, kids playground, movement area, etc.) and Museum of Lechia (local football club) ”
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