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Best things to do in Friaul-Julisch Venetien

“In Terrazza Mare you can find more than 1000 bicycles for adults and children ( with child's seat). A FREE ride for all day long. Make sure you give back the bicycle before 19. ”
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“typische Triestiner Küche.(mittel europaeische) auf Basis von Würstchen, Cragno alle gekochtes Schweinefleisch Teile (zunge, õhren, etc.), Sauerkraut, Knöchel, Wurst, roh Schinken, usw. und Bier vom Fass.”
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“Located in the harbor with boats and VIP style, tennis courts and football pitches, the pool with swimming lessons and water aerobics lessons, the gym, the children's play park, the amphitheater.”
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“Lovely local with fast, efficient and polite waiters. Informal setting, very clean. Managers are always courteous and helpful.”
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Amusement Park
“It's theme park closed to the Aquasplash with an Aquarium, for the people who love the seaside, dinosaurs in the Volcano Rapids, the medieval zone, a little train to visit the ruins of Maya and more.”
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“Huge underground cave with stalactites and stalagmites, tourist center and guided tours.”
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“Start your day with a rich, international buffet-style breakfast with cakes, croissants, eggs, cold meats, cheese, yogurt and jam. And you can have lunch, dinner and drinks in the veranda.”
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“Located close to the beach, a bit away from the center this restaurant offers very good food, excellent Tiramisu :-) very nice service. I do recommend for spending time and dine properly!”
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Malerischer Ausblick
“One of Slovenia’s greatest waterfalls. To reach the waterfall it’s a roughly 30 minutes walk up a thickly forested slope. The waterfall itself drops a towering 78m into a large water sink, which is located at an altitude of 500m. An inspirational sight, it has often been written about by well-known Slovenian poets and writers. ”
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“Opened before WWII, the family-run Siora Rosa is one Trieste's best-loved traditional buffets (bar-restaurants). Sit outside or in the wonderfully retro interior and tuck into boiled pork, sauerkraut and other Germanic and Hungarian offerings, or opt for something fishy like baccalà (salted cod) with polenta.”
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“The lunch and dinner with table service, games for kids, maxi TV, garden, with large portion first courses, mix grill fish and meat main courses and maxi pizza.”
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“Zweitschonster platz ueber das Meer in Europa, hat eine fantastissche Aussicht ueber den Gulf und den Karst.”
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“Das heutige Aussehen des Domes erklärt sich durch die Vereinigung der beiden früheren Kirchen: der Kirche Santa Maria und der Kirche für den Märtyrer Sankt Justus, Patron der Stadt Triest. Den Zusammenschluss beschloss Bischof Roberto Pedrazzano da Robecco zwischen 1302 und 1320, so dass die Stadt eine majestätische Kathedrale erhielt. Bei der Verschmelzung wurde ein Schiff abgerissen; so wurde der Dom fünfschaffig. Die Giebelfassade ist durch eine große Rosette mit doppeltem Rad gekennzeichnet, eine Statue des Hl. Justus, Wappen und ein Portal aus dem Schnitt einer römischen Grabstele.”
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Point of Interest
“It's a facility with 5 clay tennis courts, 1 dual purpose football-tennis court with artificial grass. In the bar of Tennismo they serve a light lunch menu.”
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“Nice place, great pizza, light and digestible. Waiters friendly. You can wait a bit 'because it can be many people. Advised.”
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“It's the closest supermarket for a bigger and more complete food shopping where you can park the car.”
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