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Best things to do in Färöer

“This is THE shopping center on the Faroe Islands. Inside of the Center there is BurgerKing, Sunset, clothing stores and Miklagarður the largest and most well stocked grocery store in Torshavn. ”
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“The building has a special arcitectur and the cafeteria offers godd and healty food”
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“Lamb is Faroese speciality, and here you get the best lamp......yes dare to say....... in the world :-)”
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“Barbara fishhouse is a very nice fishrestaurant in the center of Tórshavn the capital”
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“Amazing permanent art exhibition of historical and contemporary Faroese art. ”
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Skandinavisches Restaurant
“This is one of the world's most isolated TWO Micelin star restaurants. Exciting and innovative food using local produce. A great restaurant for special occasions!”
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Am Wasser
“Take a walk through Tinganes, where you find the red government buildings and the oldest part of Tórshavn, where people still live in small house and narrow streets and paths. ”
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“The best sushi with fresh Faroese fish for a reasonable prize. They also serve lamb and chicken.”
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“Cosy coffe in Vágsbotn, Tórshavn. The place to enjoy in Tórshavn, with local fishmarket, and faroese boats.”
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“Swimming hall, if you want to know the opening hours go to: www.svimjihollin.fo”
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Tourist Information Center
“This is a very good guide for restaurants: http://visittorshavn.fo/page.php?Id=47&l=en”
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Point of Interest
“Skansin is a place you just have to visit! Its right next to the apartment, and is one of the iconic places for Tórshavn”
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“Nice and quiet plantation. in the middle you will find some ponds with ducks and swans. Also there is the memorial to all those who lost there life at sea during world war 2.”
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“FK downtown is a narrow intimate grocery store, but has the best selection of groceries. They probably have the best selection of fresh vegetables and fruits in Tórshavn, and they have a great selection of organic products as well.”
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Geschäft für Dies & Das
“The main bus station for the free city busses. From here you can get a bus to anywhere in the city and also to some of the neighboring villages.”
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