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Die besten Bäckereien in Eilat

“THE BEST BAKERY IN TOWNֱ Uga Chaga Eilat is a famous pastry shop in the city of Eilat and its surrounding. Uga Chaga Eilat has been managed for eleven years by the pastry Chefs Limor and Alula Taddesse. The two are graduates of a school bakery in France and considerable influence in maintaining the products with no preservatives, keeping kitchen clean and organized and selecting professional and courteous staff. The local pastry shop Uga Chaga provides sweet produce,desserts, cakes and cookies for hotels, popular restaurants and cafes in Eilat. order delivery on the spot to customers.”
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“A WIDE SELECTION OF BREADSֱ Broitman Eilat is a unique bakery run by Yuval Ziv. Ziv is a fourth generation baker of a Ukranian baker family. Broitman Bakery offers a variety of fresh breads that you will not find anywhere else - breads without yeast, sourdough breads, whole wheat breads, rye and spelled breads baked in traditional straw baskets brought from Germany. All products are baked daily from the highest quality ingredients. You can also drink coffee with fresh bread, butter and jam - the perfect start to your day.”
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“לחם מחמצת נהדר, מאפים משובחים תוצרת המקום, עוגות נפלאות מקונדיטוריה מעולה. הבראוניס שלהם ממיסים את הגוף והנפש. אני מכורה להם. חצי מחיר מאיכות דומה בתל אביב. שתי דקות ברכב מהדירה, עשר דקות ברגל...”
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