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Best things to do in Edinburgh

“There is something for everyone here. You could easily spend the whole day walking through all the different exhibits. My favorite from a young age has always been the wildlife and natural history section. Added bonus, its free entry. ”
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Science Museum
“If you love to explore different views of camera and mirrors you must visit to Obscura. Its a part of castle been converted into camera obscura for travellers attraction. ”
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“The Scottish National Portrait Gallery is a beautiful red sandstone building on Queen Street housing regular exhibitions and events.”
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“One of Tom Kitchin's restaurants in Edinburgh, fine dining, good Scottish food.”
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“One of the most well known prestigious places in Edinburgh, famous for their amazing decorations at Christmas time. A stunning bar area. The main restaurant is expensive but the food and service are great. You can also go for afternoon tea in the Georgian Tea Room - a British tradition. ”
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Boot oder Fähre
“Very interesting if you like to see how the royal family travelled and holidaying around the world. It’s a bus journey out of the town centre.”
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Boot oder Fähre
“Yacht was inaugurated by The Queen. Its open for public view. Very nice view of Edinburgh Ocean Terminal and shore. ”
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Science Museum
“Close to the centre, good for anyone with a natural sciences interest, also has a small soft play. Close to the parliament. ”
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“If you don’t feel like going very far and having a quiet few drinks, or a bite to eat, head round the corner to this shabby chic bar. It has a laid back atmosphere and serves Swedish inspired food! Then you can wander home and roll into bed...”
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“Hidden away behind a barber shop front is one of Edinburgh's "secret" bars. The cocktails here are amazing! They don't just sell your standard cocktails and everything is presented in quirky cups. ”
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“The best Scottish full breakfast! Everything is a bit quirky here, with the menus in old magazines and none of the china matching. Its slightly off the shores main eating street but this doesn't make it quiet, so maybe consider booking.”
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“Screen 1 is wonderful. Loads of leg room and comfortable. Other screens much less comfortable. It's the local "independent" cinema.”
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“A firm local favourite, Montpeliers has an amazing (and extensive) menu to satisfy every craving from breakfast to dinner, coffee to cocktails. Would definitely recommend but book a table at the weekend to avoid disappointment. ”
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“Nearby cocktail bar that often serves their cocktails in cute wee tea cups :)”
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Rugby Stadium
“Scotland's largest stadium and the home of Scottish Rugby. A brilliant atmosphere if you are lucky enough to see a game there. You can also take a guided tour of the stadium. ”
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“A must visit for Harry Potter Fans, JK Rowling came here to write some of her books ”
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