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Best things to do in Dubrovnik

“5 minute walking distance from the apartment there is an amazing night club, which is known in whole Croatia”
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Natural Feature
“Lokrum is a wonderful place to rest, walk, swim, sightseeing the Botanical Garden”
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“Cable car to the hill Srd where you can enjoy amazing views and glass of wine in a restaurant nearby”
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“Old city is place were you can enjoy many museums, concerts, art galleries, book tours, restaurants with beautiful views, visit city walls, etc...”
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History Museum
“The Palace of the Rector's Palace in Dubrovnik was built as the seat of the government and the apartment of the prince, the most political function in the Dubrovnik Republic. The mayor was elected for a term of one month, and at that time he was head of the Little Council. In Prince's Palace, the prince had his office and apartment where he stayed during his term, separated from his family. At that time he could not leave the court except for state and protocol reasons. Overnight, he would keep the keys from the city that he returned to the people at the protocol ceremony. In the area of the Rector's Palace there are halls of the Grand and Small Councils, the state office, the courtroom, the prison, the armory and the barutan. At the entrance is the Latin inscription Obliti privatorum publica curate ("Forget private and worry for the public")”
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“Famous Beach Banje is a beach situated just in a front of the Old town, only 15 minutes away by foot. You can rent a sun lounger and have a cocktail/coffee or to have a dinner in a restaurant on a upper floor.”
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Historische Stätte
“ Dubrovnik City walls are the most important feature of Dubrovnik and a world renowned iconic symbol of the white stone beauty. The characteristic appearance of Dubrovnik is unmistakable as no other city in the world has retained their medieval walls so perfectly as was the case of Dubrovnik.”
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“Nice place to have an afternoon coffee or a cocktail with a great view onto the main street (Stradun).”
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“Fantastic scenery and sitting, bar and restaurant, breakfast and alla carte”
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“Dubrovnik City Walls are a complex of fortifications that surround the old part of Dubrovnik. Citizens are from the 13th to the 17th century for defense purposes. Long are 1940 m, up to 25 m high, on a land of 4-6 m, and by sea 1.5-3 m. On four sides of the world are protected by the towers. When it started building walls in the 13th century, the space of the old town was already defined to no longer spread. Within the city walls, during the Dubrovnik Republic there were about 2000 inhabitants at the time of the Constitution in 1272, and most were in the 15th century, about 6000 people [1]. In the 14th century 15 square-tower buildings were built. With the onset of gunpowder, it is gradually increasing the protection of the artillery attacks. Because of the dangers of the Venetian, all unnecessary openings on the walls at the port are closed. City walls were given the present look in the 15th and 16th centuries. Wars affected the new construction. When Constantinople fell in 1453, the Minceta Tower was built. Because of the Turkish-Venetian wars, the towers of St. Ivan, Revelin and the Bastion of St. Margarete (in St. Margaret's). The walls were built at great speed because of the danger of war”
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“In a part of Dubrovnik called Lapad, 10 minutes by bus, nice various meals, very pleasant staff...”
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Japanisches Restaurant
“If you're into Japanese food, you'll love the fact that this amazing restaurant is located just across the street from the apartment! Teriyaki chicken, spring rolls, all kinds of sushi meals, sake...if you like that, look no further! ;-) ”
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“On Gundulićeva poljana you will also find a green market filled with fresh vegetables and fruits that is opened until 12 PM. ”
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“Perfect place to have breakfast in the morning or romantic diner. Best place to have some delicious fish dishes in town. Prices are not that low.”
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Point of Interest
“bus number 8 takes you to the last station called Viktoria that is 5 minutes by foot from the apartment”
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Historische Stätte
“From here you can catch a bus or taxi, and you have a main Tourist info office where you can find any information you may need during your stay”
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