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Best things to do in Dalat

“Bustling scenic spot with a small series of waterfalls, a roller coaster, cablecar & hiking trails.”
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“The most oldest & tradition Bakery in Town. You can't miss it if you truly want to taste like the local”
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“Stroll around the Night Market gives you the feel of Da Lat Nightlife - very cosy and exciting! Plus, don't miss out on the famous street food, like Cheese Yoghurt and Banh Trang Nuong - Vietnamese Tacos!”
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“You can't tell your friends that you used to be in Da Lat without walking along Xuan Huong lake and enjoy the beautiful of the lake.”
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“Night market in the center of Da Lat City. But in my oppinion you should not eat here, buying some unique clothes or souvenir is fine.”
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History Museum
“Only 2.5km from our Jolie House villa, Bao Dai’s office is imposing with its royal and military seals and flags. Visiting this two storied structure, with its twenty five rooms and its amenities, visitors will have a chance to discover, how the royal family lived. The ground floor of the office was the working place of the king. It consists of the office room, the guest room and the reception room. Upstairs are the living quarters. The huge semicircular couch was used by emperor and empress for family meetings. The bedroom of the king also has a gorgeous balcony called the ‘watching moon balcony’ where the king and the queen could appreciate the moonlight. ”
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Buddhist Temple
“The temple is located outside the centre of Da Lat. From the district of Hòa Bình in the city centre of Da Lat, the temple is located at a turnoff on the road from the city centre towards Prenn Hill, the temple is near the Tuyền Lăm Lake, located on Phượng Hoàng Hil”
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“Surrounded by trees, this sizable man-made lake offers scenic views amid a serene environment.”
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Point of Interest
“ In Vietnam, embroidery is a hand craft that existed long time ago. The history of this traditional work connected closely with the spiritual history of the Vietnamese women in the past. In the beginning of 1990s of the 20 century, the silk embroidered paintings of Vietnam come gradually raised up to the top of art. Nowadays, silk hand embroidered pictures of XQ Vietnam that are connected with kind of music, poem, painting. XQ Art gallery is not far from our Jolie House villa, about 1.2km from our location.”
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Grocery or Supermarket
“You can buy iconic Da Lat fruit jam, dry fruit... and it is near to Lam Vien square, city flower garden and Ho Xuan Huong lake”
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“Nem Nướng, Da Lat is famous for ‘nem nướng’, a roll-your-own spring roll made of thin sheets of rice paper filled with with fresh herbs (including perilla leaf, sweet basil, chives, mint) and the grilled pork patty, then some ‘chả ram bắp’ (crispy, fried sweet corn and rice paper rolls), pickled radish, carrot, and shallots. The dish is served with thick peanut sauce. Like all the best Vietnamese dishes it’s an excellent balance of textures, flavors and colors. Ba Hung restaurant is a famous restaurant of Nem Nướng in Da lat city, Ba Hung restaurant is not far from our Jolie House villa, about 1.5km from our location.”
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“ With a total area of 12 ha, the church is located on Ngo Quyen St, that is away from our Jolie House villa 1km . The construction was started from 1930 to 1943. It consists of the main church and two convents, representing typical 17th century French style through an isosceles triangle with small arched windows and a rose-shaped window. In addition, the church architecture is perfectly combined with Vietnamese arrangement, especially the roof designed from stilt house of ethnic minorities in central highland.”
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Travel Agency
“When the valley was discovered by the French during 1930s, they named it “Vallee d’Amour” (Valley of Love). Under the regime of the Emperor Bao Dai, the valley was called “Valley of Peace”. In 1953, it got the name “Valley of Love” back and owned it till this day. Surrounded by lush green pine forests, the beauty of the valley is so poetic that many couples visit here for their honeymoon. Walking along the paths, going through splendid gardens with colorful flowers, visitors reach Vong Canh hill. Across the small bridge, then, the Paradise hill – an isolated place near the Da Thien lake. Only 2.2 km from Jolie House, the Valley of Love is worth to come over and to enjoy the landscape here.”
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“The best coffee shop in town. Not just a place for people to have good coffee, here you can also learn the how the coffee is made and buy local beans.”
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“Only 500m from our Jolie House villa, Dalat King Store is a convenience store opening 24/7 with diversified products and the most convenient services at affordable price.”
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“Bánh Căn, Rice cakes grilled in little terracotta half dome molds, better known as “Bánh Căn“, is tasty. Often a quail egg is broken inside, then the lids are put on until they cook through. Once unveiled, the two halves are united to form one light, fluffy ball of crisp goodness. Bánh Căn Cây Bơ shop is not far from our Jolie House villa, about 2km from our location.”
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