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Best things to do in Crete Region

Historische Stätte
“Fortezza By the 16th century, the Ottoman Turks were rapidly advancing into Europe. Between 1573 and 1580, the Venetians built this huge fortress, full of sturdy bastions, to protect the island from the Turkish invasion, but also as a place where locals could flee if the Turks took the city. Perched on the hill of Paleokastro, just west of the old port, it offers spectacular views of the old town of Rethymnon and the sea. At the highest point, note the mosque, originally a church, but it was converted to an Islamic place of worship by the Turks when they finally conquered the city in 1646.There is also a small outdoor theater that hosts summer concerts.”
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“At this huge modern aquarium, you can experience the underwater life of the Mediterranean. A fascinating day out for kids and adults alike, it has 32 vast glass tanks displaying everything from hunter sharks to miniscule seahorses, jellyfish, turtles, lobsters, and octopus, all in beautifully-lit turquoise sea water against a backdrop of rocks, sand, and seaweed. You'll find it at a former American military base in Gournes, 13 kilometers east of Heraklion.”
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History Museum
“By bus number 6 wich passes by outside the property in 15 minutes you are at one of the most important museums of the world”
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“Besonders für aktive- und abenteuerlustige und naturgebundene Besucher geeignet. Die 18 km längste Schlucht Europas ist in ca. 5-7 Stunden zu durchlaufen wo Sie in Roumeli das Lybische Meer erwartet.”
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Hafen / Marina
“Enjoy a leisurely stroll and a meal in one of the many restaurants around this beautiful harbour, relax and take in the ambience.”
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“The lagoon of Balos is visited by thousands of tourists each summer and it is famous for the turquoise waters and the exotic geological formations that seem to come from another world. It is located 56km northwest of Chania, between the cape Gramvousa and the cape Tigani and the whole area is a protected biotope. It is home to 400 species of plants, 26 of which can only be found in Crete, and 98 species of birds of which 14 are endangered and therefore protected”
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Natural Feature
“Einer der schönsten und spektakulärsten Strände Kretas. Seichtes Meer für kleine Kinder als auch ein karibisch-ähnlicher W.-strand sowie Spaziermöglichkeiten zwischen Felsen und Dünen werden geboten”
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“Lovely seafood and more. Next to the sea, I think it is one of the best restaurants in Crete.”
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Beach Bar
“The Venetian Harbour of Rethymnon, next to the modern harbour of the city, with the Egyptian lighthouse is one of the most picturesque areas of the old town. It operated in the Byzantine period (after 961), but flourished during the Venetian period. The Venetians in the 14th century started major projects to facing the problem of siltation, which holds till today.”
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“Tip top!!! Mouthwatering food & Superb view at sunset time - roof restaurant!”
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“From the classic choices for coffee and drink, a lounge cafe with years of experience.”
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“Lake Kournas is the only freshwater lake in Crete. Lake Kurna in ancient times was known as Korissia, but later took its present name from the Arabic word for lake. It is in a very beautiful location, in a pit between the hills, about 4km from Georgioupolis in the prefecture of Chania (western Crete). Lake Kournas is relatively small with a maximum length of 1087 meters and a maximum width of 880 meters. It covers an area of ​​579 hectares and is generally shallow with a depth of 22.5 meters and is about 20 meters higher than the sea. Lake Kournas is an ideal destination for an afternoon stroll, or a day trip. Many also prefer it for an afternoon picnic. The scenery is relaxing and beautiful, whether you want to walk in the nature, swim or bike in the lake.”
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Historische Stätte
“Minoan Palace is easily accesible even with a bus you can take aoutside the property”
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“Cozy bar with good choice of cocktails and tasty snacks. Many young people head there as after midnight it turns into a small club with loud music”
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“Preveli beach Some of Crete's most beautiful beaches are located on the far south coast that extends to the Libyan Sea. Hidden beneath the Preveli Monastery, this beautiful beach is at the mouth of a river and is backed by a lush palm forest. If you walk through the canyon you will find a small waterfall. To get to the beach you will need to leave your car and go downhill (relatively easy) for about 20 minutes. The palm trees were seriously damaged by the fire in 2010, but have since been naturally regenerated.”
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“Rethymnon, the third largest city in Crete (after Heraklion and Chania), is located halfway to the north coast, at the foot of the Psiloritis mountain range. The periods of Venetian and Turkish occupation have left their mark on the old town, which has many Venetian mansions and churches, several small Turkish-era mosques and a 16th-century fortress. Today, the city hosts a university and the local student population keeps the old city's restaurants and galleries busy throughout the year. You can explore on foot, the cobbled streets of the old city without cars in Rethymnon bring you back through the centuries. The blend of architectural styles reflects the history of the city, so you'll see sights such as the 16th-century Venetian Square, the 17th-century Rimondi Fountain with the water gushing out of the mouths of the three lions, the Ottoman minaret from 1890, a contemporary hit graffiti, and modern cafés and restaurants full of students.Sometimes the styles are combined - the beautiful pastel colors of the city of Venice have wooden balconies added by the Turks. Today, the most touristy area is the old harbor, framed by fine seafood restaurants, which is especially magical at night. ”
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