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Best things to do in Kopenhagen

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“Cinema with 3 nice cinemas. Surrounded with nice places to eat and hang out. The picture doesnt show it at all”
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“While the exhibition of the Planetarium is mainly targeted children (the movies in the cinema-dome can be interesting though), the area behind the big building is one of the coziest places to enjoy the Danish Summer evenings. Bring food or coffee and enjoy it while overlooking the lake. This is our absolute favorite spot to spend our evenings and watch the sunset!”
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“Cinema, with the great shopping center, Frederiksberg Shoppingcenter next to it. ”
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“Best movie theater in Copenhagen, huge screen, great sound. www.imperialbio.dk”
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“The local cinema. In Denmark all non-children movies are in original language (with Danish subtitles). ”
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“Cozy art house cinema and cafe located on my street. On Mondays they show International and Danish films with English subtitles.”
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“The Danish Film Institute always has something weird/different/unexpected on.”
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“Part of the Nordisk Film chain. This is their "art" cinema showing smaller international titles as well as the latest blockbusters. Amazing cinema with a cozy atmosphere. Popcorn aplenty. Beware though, average ticket prices in Denmark are +100,- kr. at night.”
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“You can have a nice cup of coffee while you play a boardgames with your friends. ”
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“Small cinema. Its nice but, if you want something big, then go to Imperial, palace or cineMax fisketorvet. ”
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“Enter the world of astronomy in exciting talks about the night sky, the Solar system and space exploration or go on a stunning cinematic journey in Denmark's largest dome theatre”
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“go to Fisketorvet a nice big shopping mall, and end a nice day of shopping with a trip to the movies (there will be danish subtitles tho), and enjoy one of newest from hollywood.. ”
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“Shows all the known films with subtitles (we don't dub anything in Denmark)”
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“The cinema in all of Copenhagen with the most avantgarde and independent program ”
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“The Saturday morning matinée at 9.30 is cheap AND includes a cup of coffee with your ticket. Plus they have great croissants!”
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“The local cinema - check out the schedule online a kastrupbio.dk. All foreign language movies are shown with Danish subtitles.”
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