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Was du in Copacabana unternehmen kannst

Entdecke die Stadt aus der Perspektive von Einheimischen. Entdecke die schönsten Dinge, die man unternehmen kann, sowie die besten Restaurants, und erhalte unbezahlbare Ratschläge von den Menschen, die hier leben.

Military Base
“Visit the Fort for incredible views as well as a history lesson on Rio. There are two restaurants, including an outpost of Confeitaria Colombo, inside the Fort Grounds.”
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“The 2.5 mile long beach in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil is one of the most recognizable beaches in the world. Made famous by the nightclubs, casinos, and hotels in the 1950s - Copacabana Beach is lined from one end to the other with tourist class and luxury hotels, indoor and outdoor restaurants, bars, and nightclubs.”
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Point of Interest
“This place is a sunday fair in Ipanema, just 10/15 minutes walk from our apart i recommend that you arrive there from 10 till 4 pm , because if you go there too early or late some of the people that expose they products there may not be there. and please go to the Baiana and eat some of the delicious food from Bahia.”
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“Fantastic coffeee! Delicious sweet pastries, excellent service, wonderful landscape view of the complete Copacabana bay & Pao de Açucar peak mountain. I recommend this place for any moment of the day”
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“Copacabana Beach. Prefer the beaches in Ipanema and Leblon, next posts. Although I recommend you to visit Copacabana once and drink a Brahma Chopp (local Brazilian draught beer - although it is not a draft beer, technically, as it is made in different local unpasteurized procedure) in the sidewalk kiosks, you should prefer the beaches in Ipanema and Leblon. Copacabana is too much touristic, there will be a lot of people interrupting you and trying to sell you all kind of stuffs, and sadly, there may be some opportunistic steelers. Avoid the restaurants in Copacana also, except for the bars in the Rua Bolívar, which usually have good appetizers and cold beers/chopps. ”
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“It doesn’t get more carioca than this place. Located in a charming street near the beach, it serves great local food combined with great atmosphere. Definitely recommend!”
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“Local movie theatre in Copacabana playing many of the latest Brazilian and American films. ”
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“An order of pataniscas de bacalhau is a necessity. Pavão Azul’s pataniscas are made without potatoes, which is a recipe not as readily found around Rio. Other must-eats include the escondidinho—a sort-of deep dish shepherd's pie, stocked with either shrimp or carne seca, a dried beef—and a selection of pasteis, the fried, filled half-moon pockets of cheese, meat, or shrimp. At night, Pavão Azul is bursting with crowds in between its two outposts, which are located directly across the street from each other.”
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“Cervantes is often called a Copacabana "institution", which happens to be a very accurate description. Older male waiters wearing white coats and black bow ties serve large sandwiches to hungry, often intoxicated diners, from noon until 3-5am every day of the week.”
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“Late-night bar with excellent food in Ipanema, but close to Copacabana. Ideal for beginning or ending the night. Lively and modern.”
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“The Pool Bar at the Copacabana Palace is walking distance and a great place to eat and have some drinks. Enjoy the Copa´s art deco architecture and views that have been enjoyed by some of the most famous global figures in the last 100 years!”
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Restaurant mit Küche aus dem Nahen Osten
““Rustic Middle Eastern restaurant serves regional specialties like falafel, kibbeh & lamb. ” ”
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“Lively bar with a jukebox, beer from around the world, cocktails, appetizers & live music.”
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“Amazing restaurant with live music being played, very nice atmosphere and the staff are very welcoming. The food is really good, buffet style salad bar and vegetables. All you can eat meat, be prepared to eat non stop as it just keeps coming. Highly recommend a visit here, very Brazilian with lovely local food. Book in advance, very busy and can be done online. Superb!”
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“Hier wird Steak gegessen bis mann saht ist. Außerdem, ein schönen Salat Buffet und Sushi alles für ein Fixen Preis von ca. R$ 80 pro Person.”
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Irisches Pub
“An Irish pub with imported beers, a pool table, & appetizers with an energetic crowd. Easy access with subway - Station General Osorio. ”
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