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Was du in Del Valle unternehmen kannst

Entdecke die Stadt aus der Perspektive von Einheimischen. Entdecke die schönsten Dinge, die man unternehmen kann, sowie die besten Restaurants, und erhalte unbezahlbare Ratschläge von den Menschen, die hier leben.

Point of Interest
“There are a lot of restaurants near that building, and at the top of it, an Sky Restaurant that you have to visit, 360º city view!”
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Bus Station
“If you have little kids, take them to the play ground. It´s really cool. They sell bubble water and other little toys outside. There is also a mini train that goes around. If you like jogging this is also a great place. Si tienes niños pequeños llevalos aquí. Está súper cerca y los juegos están increibles. También hay un tren eléctico que da vueltas alrededor del parque por un precio bastante accesible. Si quieres ir a correr ahí para hacer ejercicio también es muy recomendable.”
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“Largest murals in the world, painted by Siqueiros - 5 minutes away by foot!”
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“You will find the most popular consumption chains in here. From cloth, food, movies, shoes, bags, sports, books, pets. There is also a supermarket as walmart and sams next to it, where you can buy your stuff for breakfast or dinner.”
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“Puede encontrar, comida preparada. o alimentos para preparar. al rededor de este lugar puede encontrar la farmacia. panadería, taquerias, lavandería.-----------market Escandon, where you can find groceries, meat, fuit and aroud it you there are drug store, bakery, tacos and laundry ”
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“Lindo parque para ir a pasear, en Insurgentes Sur / Likable park for going for a walk, at Insurgentes Sur”
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Bus Station
“Es el centro comercial más cercano, encontrarás restaurantes, tiendas de ropa y cine.”
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Bus Station
“el metrobus es una muy buena manera de ir al centro o al sur de la ciudad (Ciudad universitaria). venden tarjetas en cada estacion.”
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“One of the largest department store in México with a very nice mall for all your shoppings”
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“There´s a lovely park 20 meters from the departament, ¡a privilege if you want to do some jogging or just to have a good walk. ”
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Grocery or Supermarket
“Huge supermarket, is walking distance but if you shop heavy there is a cab dispatcher just outside in Parroquia street.”
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“Revolving restaurant in the top of the WTC. It has an excellent view of the city while you can enjoy a cup of wine and live music. ”
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“The nearest football, soccer for you yanks, stadium in town. They ain't much cop but it's a fun cheap couple of hours and the beer is delivered to your seat. Perfect saturday afternoon.”
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Bus Station
“The Metrobus-line on Insurgentes - it will get you all up and down Insurgentes for 6 Pesos.”
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“Want to eat some seafood, safely? you can try this place, it's a classic here in town. Also, i'll put on this list a second option near the flat”
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“It's a little of a drive but it's worth it! Great if you want to buy coffee beans $”
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