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Best things to do in Colombo

“Beautiful National park with an Open Theatre. Great place to relax or walk around.”
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History Museum
“Artefacts from the early history of Sri Lanka mostly Buddhist culture are exhibited.”
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Buddhist Temple
“You can see lots of lord Buddha's statues and historical things, In this temple”
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“It is a wonderful place to see a variety of dyed fabrics and designs. You will finds lots of jewelry and bag options too. If you are looking for quality gifts and souvenirs, here this is the place for it, in short a good place for the afternoon to Colombo.”
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“Restaurants, shops, souvenir , the Dutch Hospital precinct has it all. Best time to visit will be early evening or dinner time.”
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“Retail store open daily from 10am-9pm, within walking distance with restaurants as well”
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“Beautiful and serene places. Churches and Temples in Kotte. And get an experience with the elephants in the temple - kotte.”
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“It's located in the next building and offers a stunning view of the surroundings from its rooftop bar. Good location for Breakfast as well. ”
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“Definitely, a recommendation if you want to try out an Authentic Sri Lankan Restaraunt!”
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“Fabulous example of the work of famous Sri Lankan architect Geoffrey Bawa. Wonderful atmosphere in the evening...fabulous food and probably the best service in Colombo. A great place for Sri Lankan and western dishes as well as fusion options...one of our favourite places for that special evening”
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Souvenir Shop
“When it comes down to souvenirs and gifts for special occasions, Laksala is a great outlet to visit in Colombo. Established in 1982, this is the only devoted government franchise in the country. Committed to produce and provide visitors with a collection of different products, quality is always reassured. Laksala relies heavily on showing off local heritage and culture through arts and crafts and over the years, it has grown from selling handcrafts to precious gems and jewelry. Inside the store, you will find numerous items on sale, from stylish handbags made from rush and reed ware to intricate wood work products that will look fabulous on display in any living room. Paintings that express opulent historic events and even furniture made from local raw materials. If none of these products suit your taste, then do not fail to look through the garment section. There you might find yourself the perfect batik top and vibrant accessories that will suit your complexion. The store isn’t just confined to these departments, with a food section available for visitors you can browse through different bottled food products, exquisite spices (It is recommended if you plan on cooking a local dish at home, as all the spices sold are of premium quality and rich in flavour) and last but not least high quality tea.Find all of this and much more when you visit any of Laksala showrooms.”
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“around the site of the building which commemorates the gaining of independence there is a park and walking tracks. it is about 3 KM from the apartment.”
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“Especially on the weekends this is a busy place. There are tiny shops where you can get snacks or ice-cream or small toys for children. (You have to be careful with some of the foods offered if you have a sensitive stomach though.) People from all over Colombo are coming here to just sit and talk and of course to fly a kite. The wind here is perfect to get a kite into the air and they are cheap too (100 to 150 Rs.).”
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“Colombo's most famed department store has clothes, gifts, accessories, toys and bath products. It can get pretty crowded on weekends. ”
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“Great Movie theatre in the Arcade Independence Square compound, showcases all the new releases in Holywood and some releases in Bollywood and Kollywood!”
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“Founded in 1864, the GFH is the oldest hotel east of Suez. It is listed in the book, '1000 Places To See Before You Die'. The hotel has 4 restaurants, a museum, an art gallery and a salt water pool.”
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