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Best things to do in Colombo

History Museum
“Artefacts from the early history of Sri Lanka mostly Buddhist culture are exhibited.”
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“Beautiful National park with an Open Theatre. Great place to relax or walk around.”
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“Gall ace green is just opposite to the Gall face hotel where you can have an evening walk.”
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“Retail store open daily from 10am-9pm, within walking distance with restaurants as well”
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Buddhist Temple
“You can see lots of lord Buddha's statues and historical things, In this temple”
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“The official City park of Colombo, worth a visit if you want to squeeze in a few bits of nature and fresh air.”
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“Restaurants, shops, souvenir , the Dutch Hospital precinct has it all. Best time to visit will be early evening or dinner time.”
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“phones, Phone SIMS, stationary, tea, essentials , clothes, shoes, jewellery, sports, games, gifts”
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“One of Colombo's best places for picking up local crafts and distinctly Sri Lankan produce.”
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“The most iconic site in Colombo, Independence Memorial Hall is a national monument in Sri Lanka built for the commemoration of the independence of Sri Lanka from the British rule.”
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“Great Movie theatre in the Arcade Independence Square compound, showcases all the new releases in Holywood and some releases in Bollywood and Kollywood!”
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“around the site of the building which commemorates the gaining of independence there is a park and walking tracks. it is about 3 KM from the apartment.”
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“A portrait of the late Foreign Minister painted by me is also exhibited in the Gallery.”
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“stacks upon stacks of clothes on a budget. find the good stuff if you look around”
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