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Best things to do in Coimbra

Soccer Stadium
“Coimbra has the famous University library and also it's a wonderfull city to enjoy. Good food, wonderfull architecture etc. ”
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“A beautiful garden in the centre of Coimbra, with lovely stone staircases and fountains. A wonderfully shady place on a hot day.”
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“The forest was planted to 'suck up' (choupar) flood waters from the River Mondego. It is a beautiful place to stroll in rain or shine, and there is a kiosk from which to buy drinks and snacks. ”
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“One of Europe's oldest universities,, and seeing the students walking around in their black cloaks is reminiscent of Harry Potter's Hogwarts. ”
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“Great shopping, great food, cinema, bowling - the views over Coimbra from the huge food hall on the top floor is awesome. Great for a rainy day or late night shopping trip! ”
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“Here you can found almost anything you may want. It's also a good place to eat at low prices.”
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“Traditional portuguese food. Authentically Portuguese food. Specialty bones. ”
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“perfect for families: playground close to downtown, watch the rowboats and kayaks on the river, feed the ducks (maybe not.. oh well.. the kids like that)”
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“The Quinta’s 12 hectares of botanical gardens are a true Natural Museum where rare trees are exhibited as if they were works of art”
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Malerischer Ausblick
“This rocky promontory with its gardens, owes its name (Rock of Longing) to the tradition that Prince Pedro often went there to weep for the loss of his beloved Inês.”
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“One of the oldest churches in Portugal. Portugal's first king's tomb lies here. Can't help see it as you walk through the main downtown street, Rua Visconde da Luz”
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Administrative Area Level 2
“library Joanina, castles and cathedrals, students traditions takes place in may: Queima das fitas, traditional celebration of the students, fado of Coimbra...”
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Point of Interest
“Great for all water sports, and at the nautical centre boats and jet skis can be hired. Floating swimming pool and separate children's pool on the lake, with stunning scenery. Next to the lake is a hotel with a restaurant and nearby cafes for meals and light refreshments.”
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“LISTEN TO FADO, PORTUGALS HERITAGE MUSIC Fado is traditional folk music originating in Portugal. Melancholy by nature, the music includes instruments like guitars and mandolins with one Fadista singing poetic lyrics related to darker elements of love, death and sadness. Many Fadistas perform in restaurants so you can get a great meal while enjoying this moving music. The Cultural House “aCapella” is housed in a 14th century chapel in the Jewish quarter of Coimbra, and offers a pleasant terrace, bar and tapas service. (www.acapella.com.pt) “Fado ao Centro” is a cultural centre where you can watch a rehearsal or ask questions. (www.fadoaocentro.com/)”
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