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Top recommendations from locals

“Famous pub in Chaingmai with live music and great food just in walking distance from the property”
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“It is a tourist attraction that collects animals from all over the world, including pandas, koalas, and others, including the aquarium and snow dome.”
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“If you enjoy nightlife, chances are you'll love Zoe In Yellow! Located a short walk from Thunderbird Hostel, it offers a wide range of beverages and vibes- from club to reggae. It is a popular spot for both locals and tourists- open from 7pm-midnight. There are a number of great restaurants nearby as well for a convenient late night snack!”
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“Dinning at the most beautiful part of Ping River. The restaurant is very popular even among local from the day its opening the door. ”
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“Art in Paradise is a 3-D museum located South-East of the Old City, and the perfect place to snap some instagram-worthy pics while enjoying the air conditioning. Students can enjoy a discounted ticket. Open: 9am-7pm everyday”
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“Every Tuesday is the Jam day with musicians to improvise with the original band.”
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“If you're a beer lover this place is a must . Beer Lab has a lot of tap beers, heaps of import beers and ciders,western food, live DJ. My favourite one is Brewdog IPA on tap, Hoegaarden on tap. 如果您爱喝啤酒,那这家真的是必去之一。Beer Lab有各种各样进口的啤酒和苹果酒,生啤酒,食物和Live DJ。 我个人推荐是Brewdog IPA on tap, Hoegaarden on tap.”
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“This museum will telling you about the history of Chiangmai from 720 years ago.”
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“Great combination of art, home decor shop all brings into the perfect cafe. You can take the photos in every spot as you want.. Colorful flowers are beautiful and orderly arranged. And on the 2nd floor, the cool art gallery is set there, also good spot to take some photos.”
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“At Beer Republic we believe that it is time to get back to the roots of traditional based dishes; professionally done, tasty and definitely healthy. Naturally, this required months of research and effort to find many “time-forgotten” elements used in Thai cooking in order to re-introduce them to our modern day palates. We are excited to introduce you into what we have re-found, discovered and created. Because we are a draft beer house, we have also paired our dishes with our 16 import draft beverages to enhance each menu item’s flavor.”
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History Museum
“The Chiang Mai National Museum offers a peak into the area's native Lanna culture in the form of artifacts and artist exhibits. Ancient jewelry and pottery are showcased and each exhibit is written in both English and Thai.”
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“Mix lives up to its name. This bold restaurant takes cuisine by the horns and mixes up food from different cultures, countries, and at times even courses, to create a unique menu that screams Mix.”
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Thailändisches Restaurant
“Famous Chiang Mai restaurant, with mostly Thai food in the menu. Great outdoor area and atmosphere, highly recommended. ”
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“Want to know more about Chiang Mai. You must come here. Nice garden as surrounding.”
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“The home of famous Panda(Linping), the panda even has it own tv channel!!! there are also snow dome which create artificial snow and snow slider. The aquarium is also a great atrraction”
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“The nearest Theatre for watching the lastest movie at MAYA lifestyle shopping center”
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