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Entdecke Brüssel

Parks & Natur in Brüssel

“You are located in front of the Cinquantenaire park. King Leopold II created the park to celebrate the 50th anniversery of the independence of Belgium (1880). The park covers 30 hectares of classic gardens with hedges of laurels and a symmetric plan. It conceals lots of treasures: the Big Mosque, the statue of the green dog, the pavilion of Victor Horta's human passions (accessible only by appointment) and much more...”
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“Im Viertel rund um das berühmte Manneken Pis und Grand'Place findest Du zahlreiche traditionelle Brüsseler Bierkneipen, die alle einen Besuch wert sind.”
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Outdoor Gym
“This is the biggest green zone in Brussels! The Bois de la Cambre is great if you want to have a walk around the lake, sit in the grass, have an ice cream, or even lunch. Perfect for kids and families, couples, ... On sunny days it can be quite crowded, great, relaxed atmosphere.”
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“In the middle of the centre, parc is not as beautiful as park van der Vorst or dudenpark, but its nice to have a walk, see all the joggers, and in the summer their is a nice bar! ”
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“Good view from Brussels. In some parts you can nearly feel like you are in the woods!”
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“Parc de Forest is a good place for jogging in the open air. It is 5mins walk from my place.”
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Malerischer Ausblick
“Brussels has been built on hills which creates some stunning views. On Art Mount you will find a bunch of musea such as the Magritte museum (surrealist art), the Bellevue Museum (historical) and of course the MIM (Musical Instruments Museum). You can take the elevator to the upper floor without having to visit the actual museum, and enjoy the stunning view of Brussels! Besides that it is also one of the most imprtant art nouveau buildings in town. While walking down towards the city center you will still be able to have some last views over the stunning center ...”
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“The best green place where to lie, have fun, discover animations with summer "the Park to be", have a chat with famous dunkeys from Schaerbeek (Camille and Gribouille), etc, etc,..”
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Outdoor Sculpture
“Funny statue in a cosy street with lots of bars (including the Delirium café)”
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“If you love nature and parks, this is a must-go. It's a perfect choice for good weather when everyone is outside. You can also enjoy a hockey match with a beer at the Leopold club. ”
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“The most charming park of Brussels is two steps away of the appartement. Ideal for a morning walk, an afternoon nap or a little aperitif at sunset.”
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“The Basilique de Koekelberg is a copper roofed mammoth of bricks at a stroll from our place. It is surrounded by a park.”
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“A hidden gem in Brussels, only known to Brussels people and now... to you... Great for a picknick!”
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Point of Interest
“Part of the parc allowed for dogs without leash Une partie du parc autorise les chiens sans laisse”
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“Park with small lake and playground for football, basketball and table tennis. Ask me for equipment if interested.”
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Botanical Garden
“Metro Lines 2 and 6 which is a gateway to whole city. Direct line to : Gare du Midi, the Atomium, the European quarter, Louise Station,...”
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