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Top recommendations from locals

“Brasilia's Stadium! Beautiful construction that was reworked for the World Cup.”
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“CCBB Brasília has always lots of interesting movies, concerts and exposicions to check.”
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“Brasilia's biggest park. Lovely for walk or jogs. If you wanna be part of a real day with the Brasilienses (ones born in Brasilia) go there on a Saturday or Sunday for a healthy and sunny day out.”
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“You'll see the Esplanada dos Ministérios. One of the famous places in Brasília.”
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“Pontao is a good place if you're looking for restaurants and bars with a good view and a cool mood. Don't forget to bring a jacket if you go there on winter! O simply love the atmosphere of being outdoors, on the lake shore and checking the beautiful sunset over Brasilia. A good mix of places to eat and drink.”
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“If you like big malls, that's one next door! It's a good walk the way there!”
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Place of Worship
“Nice and interesting building projected by the famous architect Oscar Niemeyer”
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“The dramatic monument on Praça do Cruzeiro is the memorial to President Juscelino Kubitschek, the larger-than-life president of Brazil who is considered the founder of Brasilia. The monument was designed by Oscar Niemeyer, and many consider it among his finest works. Along with Kubitschek's tomb and a museum devoted to him, the monument contains interesting exhibits on the city he envisioned and saw through to reality, including early plans, construction photography, and other materials that illustrate Brasilia's history. Around the monument are artworks by contemporary sculptors.”
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“Best mall in Brasilia with excellent gourmet restaurants, a food court, cinemas and various shops.”
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“Great place to walk, run, work out, relax and explore. Go for the narrow paths as well. Immersive!”
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“Um dos maiores parques urbanos do mundo, e o maior da América Latina. Fica à 4,8 km do hotel. Ótimas pistas para correr e pedalar. Muito espaço para apreciar a natureza e até fazer um piquenique. Aos fins de semana sempre acontecem muitos eventos no local, fique atento!”
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“The Niemeyer monument, the National Congress. Very from it there are many Niemeyer monuments.”
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“It's fantastic. The place is worth visiting for the architecture alone, and the art shows can be quite stunning too. ”
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“Nice place to have a meal and to spend some time. There is a good food court, some stores, a supermarket and a cinema”
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Andere tolle Restaurants mit Sitzmöglichkeiten im Freien
“Yet another landmark of modern architecture is the pair of buildings housing the Chamber of Deputies of Brazil (the lower house) and the Senate, along with their offices. For this, Oscar Niemeyer chose two sharply contrasting designs. For the two houses he created dish shapes that have been referred to as flying saucers, separating them by a pair of sharply linear rectangular towers. Around these photogenic buildings is a broad lawn with a reflecting pool, and inside are exhibits that include a Tunnel of Time. You can tour the complex with an English-speaking guide.”
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“Great mall. It has all kind of stores, food court, cinema and it's just across the street. ”
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