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Best things to do in Aude

Historische Stätte
“La cité de Carcassonne is an 11th and 13th century fortress city with Disneyesque turrets and fine Gothic cathedral. It is the second most visited tourist attraction in France (after the Eiffel Tower), and contains shops, restaurants, museums, apartments, and the cathedral. Activities at a glance... Sight seeing - If there is one sight worth seeing then this is it! If you're lucky enough to rent during the Bastille Day celebrations (14th July) don't miss the spectacular fireworks display over La cité. The display starts are around 10pm, but get there as early as possible. Dining - Being a tourist attraction means that you will not go hungry! With restaurants catering for the big appetite”
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“The upper town is surrounded by a double wall – the area in-between is known as the lices or “lists” where medieval knights once did their thing. Whilst the outer wall is the work of Louis IX, parts of the inner wall date back to Roman times. The citadel includes the Château Comtal - the central castle of the upper town dating from the twelfth century with an amazing 31 towers. There are guided tours of the château which also take in sections of the walls and the amphitheater. St-Nazaire basilica. Again set in the Carcassonne citadel, Pope Urban V (born near Mende in the north of Languedoc) visited here in 1096 and ordered the construction of the basilica. However, the original Romanesque style is now predominantly Gothic after alterations over the years – the best features are its enormous rose windows and the weird gargoyles.”
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“Ein wunderschöner, platanengesäumter Kanal von Toulouse bis zum Mittelmeer. Eine architektonische Meisterleistung aus der Zeit Ludwigs des XIV, noch heute ideal für romantische Bootsausflüge.”
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“Riesiger Park mit afrikanischen Tieren. Ein echtes Erlebnis für die ganze Familie. Besonders faszinierend ist der Auto-Part. es fühlt sich an als würde man mit dem eigenen Auto durch Afrika fahren und eine private Safari machen. Super!”
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“Walk all around the lake and through the forest on the designated trail or join in the various water sports and boating/canoeing available there. There are various places for refreshments around the lake.”
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“Indoor market with fabulous food stalls and restaurants. Outdoor market every Thursday. ”
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Point of Interest
“Make it a day trip and visit the spectacular ancient castle ruins which perch on the edge of a rocky outcrop with fantastic views across the valley below and all the way to the Mediterranean Sea and Perpignan in the distance.”
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“Famous mountain-top Cathar castle besieged for nine months in 1243-44, leading to over 210 believers being burned as heretics. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Siege_of_Monts%C3%A9gur”
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“The castle of the kings of Mallorca, as this city was at some point the capital of the kingdom of Mallorca ”
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“The largest Zara in Europe is here. You could spend a whole day here shopping, having lunch on the top terraces, Love the tapas bar!. You can also go bowling if you fancy! Sushi restaurants, American diners and lots of French shops.”
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“This place is beautiful, full of history and just down the road. Good restaurant also!”
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Französisches Restaurant
“all you can eat buffet with really great food. Desserts to die for too and a great wine selection.”
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Natural Feature
“Water sports and sandy beaches on an inland lake, constructed as the main feed to the Canal Du Midi”
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Natural Feature
“Centre for walking, cycling, swimming and non-motorised watersports. Great for a day hiking, swimming and lying on the beach, relaxing after a long lunch at one of the lakeside bars/restaurants.”
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“ Several beaches to choose from including Les Chalets where the film "Betty Blue" was filmed. Good restaurants, especially seafood, nearby.”
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“Another Interesting castle not far from Peyrepertuse with equally interesting history.”
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