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Best things to do in Aude

Farmers Market
“World Heritage Site, a must see in Beziers. The whole site is free and has been completely remodelled in 2017, you can enjoy a very nice walk along the canal from the apartment and back (around 2/3 hours). The restaurant "Le 9" on the top of the site is great for lunch or coffee”
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Natural Feature
“Stunning views & a great day out. It has natural pools when you get there to jump in after wandering about in the sun. ”
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“Cafes, wine bars, and a relaxed vibe, plus a thrice-weekly market on Saturday, Tuesday and Thursday mornings.”
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“Centre thermoludique pour se détendre dans une eau thermale (bains bouillonnants, hammam, jacuzzi, massages...)”
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Historische Stätte
“The iconic medieval city gate of Perpignan - entry (one of many) to the old town”
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“Huge clean sandy beach to swim in the cold, salty Med. Busy in summer, parking is difficult so get there early, but the beach is never full!”
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“The most important historical monument of the city of Béziers, the Saint-Nazaire cathedral is located in the medieval part of the city center. It overlooks and dominates the plain of Orb which spreads out below. Built in the Middle Ages, this Gothic cathedral is the jewel of Béziers and the most famous image that represents the city throughout the world.”
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Französisches Restaurant
“Le Petit Pierre is run by chef Pierre Augé, winner of the French edition of Top Chef in 2014. Named after his father, he soon enough was known as “Petit Pierre” to avoid confusion. Hence the name of the restaurant was born: La Maison de Petit Pierre. Here you can enjoy a bistronomique lunch or dinner.”
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“Carcassonne one of the most famous restored chateau. Worth a visit despite the tourists. Try and go early morning to avoid the crowd especially in summer. ”
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“Good seafood. Unpretentious. Family style long wooden tables. Beautiful view out over the salt flats. Do make sure to make a reservation. Ideally plan a day out at the beach of Gruisson with lunch or dinner here. It is 1.5 hour drive from our place but worth it.”
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Historische Stätte
“One of the best and closest Cathar sites. Our house is in "Cathar Country" and we are on the "Cathar Trail". Most Cathar castles were build on seemingly inaccessible mountain tops - spectacular but you are unlikely to be able to drive to the gate. Visiting these castles will take perhaps 90 minutes and involve climbing several flights of stone stairs and following a path that snakes up the hillside through a cave. Lots of wildflowers in spring and summer.”
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“Abtei in Betrieb mit für die Öffentlichkeit zugänglichem Bereich. Außerdem gibt es dort ein sehr schönes ruhiges Cafe.”
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Historische Stätte
“This castle is located at an altitude of almost 700 metres and overlooks the village of Lapradelle, in the midst of a pine forest. The first records of the castle date from 958. Since it played a majo”
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Malerischer Ausblick
“Les Orgues d'Ille-sur-Têt sont des cheminées de fée situées sur un site géologique de la commune d'Ille-sur-Têt . l'endroit est simplement magique... Ille-sur-Têt Organs are fairy chimneys located on a geological site in the commune of Ille-sur-Têt. the place is simply magical ...”
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“This wonderful two-Michelin-starred Restaurant du Parc is located at the foot of the famous Carcassonne citadel and is only a 15 min drive away.”
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Für Athleten & Sportler
“Le massif de la Clape est un petit massif calcaire de 15 000 hectares située en France dans le département de l'Aude en Occitanie. http://www.narbonne-tourisme.com/decouvrir/la-terre/nature/massif-classe-de-la-clape”
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