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Best things to do in Amsterdam

“This whole street is packed with stores: clothing stores, drug stores and doner places”
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“Small fashion labels, coffee, barber, grand ideas. Hutspot is a curator for an urbanized lifestyle. ”
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“And of course Zeedijk the famous Red Light Strict . Many bars and places to eat . It's worthwhile to visit at least once in your life ;) . It's a walking distance from Amsterdam Central Station ( No Tram needed to reach this place) . ”
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“For unique clothing and interior items at a reasonable price. Besides, it’s the perfect place to buy a gift.”
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“the 9 streets is an area of Amsterdam which consist of a largenumber of beautiful and eccentric boutiques. ”
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Thrift / Vintage Store
“Great store with clothes and all sorts of cool stuff. Also located in other parts of town.”
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“Coffee, breakfast, lunch and shopping (women's clothing and accessories) combined. Great spot to have a good coffee or healthy lunch, to find some trendy clothes, to read your newspaper or to have a chat with your friends. Lovely staff!”
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Lingerie Store
“These 9 little streets in the middle of the Canal Belt form a quarter where crafts, trade and culture have traditionally been dominant. It is a paradise for pedestrians and offers a stunning overview of the building styles within the old centre of Amsterdam. Just behind Damsquare and on the way from Anne Frank to Rijksmuseum.”
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Furniture / Home Store
“breakfast, lunch, nice furniture, presents and clothes to buy! Really a experience! ”
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“Great Dutch store for picking up souvenirs or children's clothes. Great hotdogs to bring to Sarphati park for a cheap picnic!”
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“My favourite place to buy clothes. The owner is a very tall, but very kind man that really knows fashion.”
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“Cottoncake offers lovely shops together with very chic healthy menus ! One of my favs! ”
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“a very sweet clothes shop just around the corner in the J.P. The clothes are a bargain and surprising. ”
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“The most trendy shopping area of Amsterdam is located within nine little streets of the Old Town, called The Nine Small Streets or The Nine Little Streets (Dutch: De 9 Straatjes). The 9 Small Streets are actually three streets crossing two canals: Herengracht a Keizersgracht, which makes up for nine small streets. They are surrounded by Prinsengracht canal from the west and Singel canal from the east. Full of small fashion shops, nice restaurants, coffee bars, bookshops, interior decoration stores and hairdressers, The Nine Small Streets is the area where locals go to shop, get beautiful, eat and drink.”
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Thrift / Vintage Store
“Go treasure hunting in the 9 streets! Episode is the place to be for vintage clothes. ”
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“One of the most beautiful shops in Amsterdam. Great selection of jeans and great brands. High quality international brands. ”
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