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Best things to do in Acapulco

History Museum
“This 17th century pentagonal fort has 13 exhibition halls. It has a unique geometric shape in the form of a pentagon or 5-pointed star, it was built for military defense.”
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“Maravilloso dragón hecho por Diego Rivera, una obra de arte en un rincón de Acapulco.”
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“For over 80 years Acapulco's famous cliff divers have entertained with beautiful dives at La Quebrada Acapulco.”
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“The murals are great! The outside part of the house is covered with arts of Diego Rivera. Just 5 minutes from the home.”
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Botanical Garden
“The Botanic Garden is a beautiful place to make a pleasant walk while admiring a variety of plants, native and introduced, subhumid tropical climate prevailing the family Leguminosa Acacia gliricidia and Leucaena (güajes).”
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History Museum
“Es el monumento histórico más relevante privilegiado con una de las mejores vistas del puerto. San Diego es una fortaleza majestuosa que sirve de marco a la bahía de Acapulco.”
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