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Best things to do in Aarhus

Outdoor Sculpture
“Museum of modern art in Aarhus is a must-see for new visitors! Beautiful contemporary architecture and interesting exhibits from artist from around the world. On top of Aros is the "Your Rainbow Panorama" installation by the artist Olafur Eliasson which gives a perfect 360 view of Aarhus in all the colors of the rainbow.”
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History Museum
“Den Gamle By (The Old Town) is a national open-air museum of urban history and culture in Denmark through three centuries. The museum consists of more than 75 historic houses relocated from all over Denmark. Besides the historic houses and the appartments in the 1974 section, there are more than 34 workshops and shops as well as a pharmacy, a school, a post office, a telephone exchange, a jazzbar and much more. Furthermore the museum has its own theater, the Elsinore Theatre, which is used for opera, chamber concerts, festivals etc. ”
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Theme Park
“Tivoli Friheden It is all about entertainment The cosy garden offers plenty of experiences with beauty, entertainment, concerts, theatre and much more. With its wide range of opportunities and entertainment, Tivoli Friheden is the ideal choice for all kinds of excursions. Tivoli Friheden is a theme park in the center of Aarhus located within walking distance from the city centre in the beautiful Marselisborg Forest. In Tivoli Friheden you will find four roller coasters, 40 rides, stalls, games and playgrounds. ‘Hjertekig’ free fall tower In 2019, Tivoli Friheden presents their new amusement ‘Hjertekig’, a 65-metre free fall tower and the highest in Denmark. The highly distinctive tower has changed the Aarhus skyline noticeably. There are two ways that you can take the ‘jump’. The daring can take the free fall from the top and reach 5G acceleration. Or you can sit and enjoy the views while descending slowly and steadily, going round the tower all the way up and down. The stinging Cobra Have you got nerves of steel? Do you dare go 70 kilometres per hour head down? Can your body stand the same G effect that a fighter pilot endures? If you can say yes to all three of these, then you are ready to board the Cobra and try the most awesome roller-coaster in Tivoli Friheden. This adrenaline-rushing orange monster is the ultimate test of whether you can stand the strain when the speed gets really serious. The Sky Tower If you are one of those who can't wait until the next adrenaline kick, then the Sky Tower at the Tivoli Friheden amusement park is exactly what you have been waiting for. This is certainly not for the faint-hearted. This is only for those with nerves of steel who are literally not afraid to leap into wild adventures. Standing 40 meters above the ground, overlooking all of Aarhus, it is only the toughest of the tough who dare take the leap. Before you awaits the maddest free fall, where you reach a speed of up to 90 kilometres per hour before landing in the net. Only one question remains: Do you dare? For the youngest one Bille By is an entire town for families with young children. Here you can take you very own driving license if you are between 5 and 8 years old and drive around in small electric cars. You can also take a breathtaking ride with "Bisværmen" which turns and twirls or try the ever-jumping Grasshopper. It is a blasts for the youngest ones! Haunted House and Cinemagic in 5D Get ready for some action-filled experiences in Tivoli Friheden! In the Haunted House and the Cinemagic you can get scared with the coolest movie-game adventures in 5 dimensions. If you get the highest score of the year, you get your very own tile at the parks "Walk Of Fame". Dining in Tivoli Friheden There are restaurants to suit every taste and if you wish to bring your own picnic basket, there are BBQs and dining areas for this. Free entrance with an AarhusCARD You get free entrance with an AarhusCARD but be aware that it doesn't include the unlimited ride wristband.”
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“ARoS Aarhus Art Museum Enjoy a Michelin experience in Aarhus at ARoS Aarhus Art Museum. ARoS is the main art museum in Aarhus and one of the largest museums in Northern Europe. On the roof of ARoS you can also visit Your rainbow panorama. Current exhibitions ARoS offers a large amount of exhibitions and activities all year round, and you can follow them here or you can check out related contents below. Art from top to bottom In the downstairs area you can enjoy the major special exhibitions, with the 'nine spaces' presenting international art installations. On the upper floors house the museum's own collections of art from the 19th century up to the present day. ARoS Aarhus Art Museum is part of Cultural Paths in Denmark in the route "Local Ways to Global Art". www.culturalpathsdenmark.com In Your rainbow panorama you can move around in a 150 meter long, circular panoramic path with 360º views of the surrounding city. ARoS has two Michelin-stars in the Michelin attraction's guide. The restaurant The restaurant ARoS WINE & FOOD HALL is located at the top of ARoS, and from the roof there is a spectacular view of the city and the bay. At the museum street level you will find the a café and a shop where admission is free. CHILDREN UNDER 18 YEARS: FREE ADMISSION ”
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“The Concert Hall Aarhus The Concert Hall (Musikhuset Aarhus) is the largest Concert Hall in Scandinavia and is home to the Royal Academy of Music in Aarhus, the Aarhus Symphony Orchestra, the Danish National Opera, the children's theatre "Filuren" and the Concert Hall Aarhus. Wide array of artists and activities The Concert Hall hosts a wide variety of artistic activities. The auditoria are the scene of great Danish and foreign concerts, operas and dance performances. Unique architecture The first thing that meets the eye as one drives past or comes in to park is the 2,000 m2 glass foyer, whose palm trees, old olive trees and many works of art create an atmosphere all their own. Box office and restaurant The foyer contains the box office, the restaurant "johan r", a gallery, and a series of stages where there are free performances every weekend. Tickets For tickets please call +45 89404040 or book online. You can see the program and the free events at The Concert Hall Aarhus' homepage. ”
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“Natural reserve where you can take a walk and experience Bambis and other animals up close, as the walk freely around the park. Also close to the beach and the Queens Residence (Marselisborg Castle)”
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“Old and very special movie theatre that show both the new blockbuster movies and more special films from around the world. The atmosphere is very special and cozy and there is also a cafe and a nightclub. ”
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“Second best place to go get your drink(s) on in Aarhus. Very chill place that plays a lot of hip hop tunes in a low key environment. P.s. no dance floor, so this is mostly for sitting, chatting and enjoying the drinks!”
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“This might be our favorite place – we come here a lot. They serve one simple, rustic and typically Danish dish every night for aprox. 85kr (which is cheap). Have it with a Thy Pilsner (beer) on the side. It’s very cosy and relaxed. Turns into a bar at night. They also serve breakfast. Vestergade 50.”
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“Train is the biggest nightclub in Aarhus. Its a venue and a night club with big names from all over the world.”
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“The harbour. Take a walk along the waterfront or grap an ice-cream at the boat-harbour. Or cycle past the waterfront into the forest.”
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“Cosy little place, fairly priced, nice treatment and good wine. The owner Sabine, is always up for a chat if she is around, and both nice and knowledgeble. They have a few outside places for serving too.”
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History Museum
“The old town, is an open-air town museum located in the Aarhus Botanical Gardens.”
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“Part bar, part beach, part pier. Lay in the sand, play some volleyball, go for a swim and look at the ferries. Great place thats only open in summer.”
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“A "secret" and very high end bar - serves some crazy good cocktails. Can be a bit hard to find since the like to make it very hidden.”
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“If you are here a Sunday you should try their Sunday brunch! It’s fantastic! It might seem a bit expensive (225kr) but it’s a buffet where they make fresh egg dishes, pancakes, and all drinks (coffee, fresh orange juice and cremant) are included. The staff is really relaxed and friendly and sometimes they ask you for help to sable their cremant. (Remember to book a table in advance). Their dinner at evening is typically French. Jægergaardsgade 65.”
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