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City Hall
“Golden Gai is a few minutes walk from the East Exit of Shinjuku Station, between the Shinjuku City Office and the Hanazono Shrine.[5] Its architectural importance is that it provides a view into the relatively recent past of Tokyo, when large parts of the city resembled present-day Golden Gai, particularly in terms of the extremely narrow lanes and the tiny two-story buildings. Nowadays, most of the surrounding area has been redeveloped: The street plans have been changed to create much wider roads and larger building plots, and most of the buildings themselves are now much larger high- or medium- rise developments. This has left Golden Gai as one of a decreasing number of examples of the nature of Tokyo before Japan’s “economic miracle”, that took place in the latter half of the 20th century. 今人気の東京都新宿区の飲食店街です。およそ2000坪ほどの狭い区画に低層の木造長屋が連なっており、200軒以上の小さな飲食店が密集していいるので、飲み歩きにもできます!以前は文壇バーなど個性豊かな店も多く、常連客として作家、編集者、映画監督、俳優といった文化人が多く集まることで知られていました。このような背景から、東京におけるサブカルチャーやアングラ芸術の発信地のひとつとなっています。”
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“Actually this is a department store building,but there is a good roof top garden here. If you want to take a break with green in heart of Shinjuku,it would be nice. Also,there is a beer garden in Summer.”
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Discount Store
“Food and alcoholic beverages, cosmetics, daily necessities, clothing, a recreation article, interior, household electrical appliance, the main body of cell-phone and an associated product, jewelry, brand-name products, an adult are wide and handle this shop other than a party article or miscellaneous goods.”
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“TAKASHIMAYA is the famous depart in Shinjyuku. You can see all kinds of stuffs. Fashion, Foods, gears,,,,, Anyway, must go. ”
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Pawn Shop
“The largest bookstore in Shinjuku. The main building contains 8 floors of books from many genres, while the annex building has comics, DVD's and CD's.”
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“BICQLO is immediate on foot from the Tokyo "Shinjuku Station" east exit! Aggregate of specialty store where both household appliances and clothes are even on in anything in BicCamera and Uniqlo!”
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“Lumine Shinjuku, which comprises Lumine 1 and Lumine 2, is adjacent to the station's South Exit and is a mecca for fashion-conscious women. ”
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“Electronic store. Come buy your rice cooker here and many other cool Japanese electronic gadgets. Lots of cute character phone cases. ”
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“the shopping spot at the shinjuku. shinjuku has lots of place to stop by and shopping.”
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“7 11 convenience store is walking distance from my apt and they have everything you need during your stay, and they are convenient to get gibris tickets and so on.”
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“An excellent showcase of a large-scale Japanese electronics store. Yodobashi Shinjuku West, the flagship, houses an abundant variety of cameras, appliances, televisions, watches, video games, and more”
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“Shinjuku Maruimen is dealing mainly with men's clothes. Most of the buildings are men's only, a shop with drastic concepts. We handle brands of a wide range of styles ranging from casual and popular 'TAKEO KIKUCHI' and 'Michelle Cran-Homme' to 'Bisararno' popular for business use and popular brand 'British brand' Paul Smith.”
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“You can enjoy shopping buy fashion clothes, ¥100shop, miscellaneous goods shop and movie theater. It also has restaurant. I like "Hakata Hanmidori" restaurant. You can eat Mizutaki which is a nabe-style hot pot dish of chicken and assorted vegetables that is boiled in a large pot filled with dashi broth. it is very delicious.”
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“Coffee and the highly popular souffle pancakes! Opens 11:00 and closes 23:00.”
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Home Goods Store
“This is a 100yen store where you can buy various goods by just 108yen. Open from 10AM. ”
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“セリア(Seria) is "100 yen shops" like an one dollar store, one euro store. where we can buy everything with 100 yen tax excluded. 新宿マルイアネックス(Shinjuku Marui Annex) 4F.”
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