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Was du in 's-Hertogenbosch unternehmen kannst

Entdecke die Stadt aus der Perspektive von Einheimischen. Entdecke die schönsten Dinge, die man unternehmen kann, sowie die besten Restaurants, und erhalte unbezahlbare Ratschläge von den Menschen, die hier leben.

“Greatest museum of the area. A nice mix of old, temporary and modern art exhibitions. You´ll find a lovely museum shop and café too, which are free to visit.”
27 Einheimische empfehlen
“It´s a beautifull old church, worth visiting. You can even do a tour and walk all the way up to the top of the church. ”
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“Whether you want to go to the movie, theatre or just want to grab a beer: the Verkadefabriek is a must visit!”
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“Gezellig straatje met restaurants voor lunch of diner/Cozy street with restaurants for lunch or dinner.”
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“One of the best hotspots in Den Bosch. It is always crowded. You can't make a reservation in advance, but it is not a problem to wait a couple of minutes at the bar. Spot for breakfast, lunch and dinner.”
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“Biggest cathedral in 's-Hertogenbosch. Really worth a visit. Also try to go to the high towers to get an amazing view over the city.”
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“Lovely neighbourhood with so many restaurants and bars. When it is sunny the streets are fulled with people. Great atmosphere!”
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“Dinsdag: van 9.00 tot 13.00 uur/Tuesday: from 9 am to 1 pm Woensdag: van 9.00 tot 17.00 uur/Wednesday: from 9 am to 5 pm Donderdag: van 9.00 tot 13.00 uur/Thursday: from 9 am to 1 pm Vrijdag: Biologische markt, van 9.00 tot 14.00 uur/Friday: Organic market, from 9 am to 2 pm Algemene markt, van 9.00 tot 13.00 uur/General market, from 9 am to 1 pm Zaterdag: van 9.00 tot 17.00 uur/Saturday: from 9 am to 5 pm ”
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“Bossche Bollen! De lekkernij bij de koffie, maar ook vrijwel overal verkrijgbaar in de bars en restaurants/Chocolate pastry from Den Bosch! The delicacy with coffee, but also available almost everywhere in the bars and restaurants.”
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“Very interesting, detailed and beautiful museum based on the middle ages with an inside in the life and paintings of Jeroen Bosch on a prime location in the city center. ”
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“Best art museum in town. Great collection of classical and modern art with a green courtyard and cafe. By bike from our apartment it's about a 15 minute ride.”
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“At the parade, next to the big church, besides the cool café's there is the theater. Plays, musicals, stand up comedian and movies. Mainstream and film house. It's nice. :)”
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“We have three cinemas in the city, this being the most mainstream one. The other ones are more alternative/cultural minded. :)”
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“My favorite restaurant! Shared dining concept with life coocking elements at your table. ”
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“National park 3 minute walking distance from the apartment. Very pretty you can go for a short walk, run, or cycle, or get lost for hours, it´s big enough. ”
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Hafen / Marina
“You can go on a boat to do a sightseeing tour in Den Bosch. It goes under different builidings, they show you amazing hidden spots and they tell you about the history. Very nice excursion for like an hour. ”
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