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Main living room
Main living room
  • Main living room
  • Exterior and Parking Garage
  • Cantilever terrace
  • View from the back of the villa
  • Living room
  • Ramp from floor to floor (accessible by wheel chair)
  • View from living room
  • Entrance chair
  • Kitchen and breakfast table
  • Mirror in main bathroom
  • Wash basin
  • Indoor cabinet in main bedroom
  • Cantilever terrace
  • Toilet at second floor (main floor)
  • Back View
  • French Villa on Dago Pakar Hills
  • Bedroom. View from the back
  • Master bed (King Size) 2m x 2m
  • Master bed (King size) 2m x 2m
  • Master bed and additional bed
  • Wash basin and toilet
  • View from main bedroom
  • Dinning table
  • Main bathroom
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Main living room