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A sunny cell with a balcony near the Moscow-River

Gesamtes Condo · Gastgeber: Zhenya
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Almost all people are living constantly in such habitations outside of touristic zones in Moscow. So, if you will be here then you will be like almost all in the capital of Russia.

Please, take about 1 hour of your free time, seat most comfortable may with a good drink or something like that and READ the FULL text completely LOOKING to ALL photos with its short text notices on AirBnB about my accommodation and about a life here around.


Die Unterkunft
People called it often as a 'flat' or an 'apartment' in Russia. But they are wrong. Actually, it is like a little studio in the West but with many unwanted inside shame walls and interfering doors, which divide already the tiny studio to yet more tight spaces: a living room with a balcony, a kithen, a dressing-room, a narrow pass-way and yet a bath with a shower, with a toilet and with a laundry machine together. The tightness impacts to a mentality of inhabitants. And actually it is something between a catacomb and a monk cell. By the way, such monkish cells are most often constant habitations for almost all people in Moscow and probably in whole Russia.

My monk cell haves windows and a balcony to a sunny South side in a direction to the Moscow-River, which is in about only 300 meters away as was measured by a direct line on a map. But the river is not visible from here due to the high river bank with a tree park.

My monk cell is simple furnished include a wide sofa for 1-2 people and yet a bed for 1 person.

I recommend to live in my monkish cell by a group of few people for several days only because you will suffer here like almost all people in Moscow and via such short practice you will get more correct impression about Moscow with less false promises and illusions. It will be like "sobering-up" for you, little stressful and you will have a strong wishing to escape so far.

Altrough, most people are in such conditions almost all their lifes in Moscow.

I suggest this habitation mostly for a temporary educational practice only but not for a relaxation nor for constant living.

I do not recommend really to be here for a long period of time because...

1) Everyday troubles here with a fuss will truncate and refuse your access to essential human necessities significantly.
You will not have a time and proper conditions even for think normally here and your common sence will become weaken and weaken.

2) The long time absence of access to a good life here accompanied with your weaken logic can really trigger the wishing in your soul to get a life satisfaction by the way remained available: by bad.
Additionally, many special things will increase such wishing purposely in Moscow.

3) Time will pass, your common sence will become corrupt and then it will be more understandable for your weaken mind to follow various bad ideas, which will be plenty given to you in Moscow, rather than independently thinking about a survival from here to a normal full fledge human life. In another words, you will lose human abilities partly and instead a survival from here you will hold here like an android following a bad program. You will fall in a temptation but you will be unable to understand it. You will think wrongly that you are living here for your-self. But actually you will be here not for your-self but for those roguish persons who supplied people with masked bad ideas.
I will give you some common examples:

a) Instead pragmatic and sufficient style of life, instead thinking about a survival from here to a normal human life you will start to satisfy your-self by supporting various given ambitious, agressive and even abstractive ideas following it by such actions. It will be like a revenge in your truncated mind for inability to access to a normal human life. For instance, you will satisfy your-self by such thing like repeat remembering about that many other people are in the same building like you in Moscow; about that Russia is a biggest country in the World and many such similarities.
You will try really to avoid thinking about that very many people, include you, are suffering here actually.

b) You will not dream about a comfortable private house in a good place with pleasant people around simple enjoing a good life as it is easy in love.
Instead you will get here a masked bad framework as it is given to almost all people in Moscow and this given bad framework will recognised wrongly by your weaken mind as normal, as good. This masked bad framework will NOT announce that you just need to be a human and live as a human but instead this masked bad framework will announce only that here is allegedly a very feasible, high promising place and you need to proof that you are a normal human by taking an effort and even struggle here for archieve the set of allegedly normal human signs: an constant income, a car, an ambitiously designed monkish cell disquised as an apartment, a marriage, making children and etc. You will think wrongly that you are duty to fulfill the given framework as much as more. And as more you will attempt to follow here such given wrong ideas spending your life time and your life energy then much more difficult will be for you to leave it, to understand and to CONFESS to your-self that you on the wrong way here and you will be sticky here with a bad life like going down in a bog.

So, the next few examples are about how you becoming an android in Moscow will proof that you are a human within the given bad framework.

c) You will lose feelings. You will not understand what is bad and what is good. Your weaken mind will understand mostly what is representable by numbers. You will become addicted to numbers, you will brag of numbers and you will get satisfaction by counting. For instance, you will count your partners and children. You will not care about that you have sex only with androids here or about that your children will suffer and also become slavers like you.

d) You will target an income here but you will not understand that your life become badly and badly in real. Within the framework you will follow the given bad idea, which is wrong actually but can seems strait for the first time and deceive some people easy. This bad idea is that anyone need to get an income for continue his life and that any your income is good for your benefit. Thus, you will be unable to understand that your income (and even a profit) here contradicts often with your life benefit actually. You will care really about an income and about a career as a way to preserve and increase your income. Everything you will do for it now. And due your addiction to numbers you will understand your income and profit via money mostly because they are easy countable.

e) You will deeply forget about love, you will hate people and you will hunt really for career and for profit by people only. Your hunt for a profit will be as a normal way to survive here in your twisted mind. You will not want to live with a good person in a love in a good place but all your relations with people will be only on the matter of your personal profit and career. You will be ready to lie, to murder, to fake love easy or to conceive a child as the obligation for a target person for your PROMOTION. You will not understand that such way is actually contradicts with your life benefit very often.
Instead real people you will become addicted to artificial pictures, TV, animals...

f) Instead a benefit for your life you will care really about your impressive alluring appearance for it be efficient for your income and promotion: a hairstyle, garments, a car, anything just only for conceal your real pervert poverty here and put a false impression of your allegedly normality, hapiness, dignity...

g) Instead of building your private house in a good place and care about it you will design ambitiously your tiny monkish cell in the hell for give a false impression of your worthy to others and even to you by your-self. And you yet will call your tight habitation falsely as a 'flat' or an 'apartment' disguising an catacombish monk cell.
Also instead a private house you will try to get a car as much as bigger BY ANY WAY. A big offroad shiny car 4×4 on an asphalt between ugly plain multi-monkish cell houses in Moscow will become your ultimate goal.

h) Instead a normal human food everyday and an usual human activity you will care about erzats ways: cosmetics, diets, excercises, tobacco, alcohol, games with counting or numbers...

i) Various bad ideas will be implemented in your mind here. And 2 of they are an envy and a life satisfaction by a sadism - for you do not dream about a good life for your-self and for others but for you get an ersatz hapiness by making a pain to people like you and triggering same feelings among they misleading their lifes too. For instance, almost all various mass-medias regularly propagate such wrong ideas here villaintly showing a people's life much better than it is in real and yet as a success and a correct way to a happiness by allegedly a clever right revenge. And many more...
And you will follow it due to wishing to fulfill the absence of normal human life here by anything else, due to an absence of real love in Moscow, due to your weaken mind, due to you will become nervous here, due to your addiction to TV, to an artificial life and etc.
In result you will do many things not in a love but in hating: you will even make children not in love here but in sadism attempts. And you will wish other people be like you or even horriblest and instead of warning about the impending danger from here you will lure more people to this hell.
And yet please pay attention to one significant change on your way: if before you start your life here being lured by such misleading promises as allegedly beautiful lovely girls, as an ambition and an easy countable material profit (money, cars and etc) then now long faced with the reality of the absence of good life here you will try to satisfy your-self by a sadism only really avoiding to think about the absence of real love here, even about small salaries, about that you are living in poverty by a short and pervert life here. You will become not able to think about it. You will quietly agree with it.

Thus, slowely but surely you will become an alluring malicious monk in scores of similar monks like very many in Moscow.

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Hier wirst du sein

Moskva, Moskau, Russland

Quiet mews with many green surroundings in the west part of Russian capital. But loudly disturbing sounds, harmful dumps and dirts from various unwanted endless re-constructions, re-buildings, repairments and constructions close around are common here. It triggers many diseases. A fuss from motor bikes are often here in a hot time of year. Outdoor (and indoor) shouts are frequient too.
The Moscow River is about 300m away as measured by a direct line on a map.
McDonald's is just in about 5 minutes of brisk walking from my monk cell.
But all this area is outside of so called 'touristic zones'. So, here are many differences and even contradictions with touristic zones in Moscow:

1) Cafes and attractions are rare here really and their prices are expensive. Few supermarkets and several shops are around but they are dirty and stinky often, they provide a poor low quality assortment as common accompling it yet with a deception sometimes. Probably you will need to run across few shops for find and buy a good food. I can tell you how people get food here at a face to face meeting only.

2) The Moscow River is near. There is possible to walk along the river for a very long time. But there are not a beautifully arranged bank or an embankment. There is just the river's bank with a big nature park of trees, forestal hills, fields and pedestrian ways on a soil. But there is no one cafe on the river's bank even! There is no a sandy beach (you can see it on one of attached photos).

3) People here are to much different from people in touristic zones too.
First of all, it is the very densily overpopulated area because here are many big multy-store houses of monkish cells around with a group of people crammed per each monk cell! Of course, much more people are in this area rather than in the city center or in other touristic zones in Moscow.
But almost all people do not speak English.
Here are not foreign tourists but here are many various immigrants.
When high probably some tousands years ago the first inhabitants in this place was people, who had arrived to this area by water ways and they had inhabited banks of the river loving water. Then now almost all people had come here not by water ways: they hate water in their everyday life even living near the Moscow River, they dirty and stinky often.
Due to many nationalities are densily overpopulated in this area the misunderstandings, tensions, concealed hatings and conflicts are common place here.
Almost all have frown faces and get dressed in dark colours.
Here are almost not elderly people and disabled people. It can seems alluring for the first time. Elderly and disabled people are very rarely here because they almost do not survive and in general, people' lifes are short here.
A futher iconic feature of society is a full absence of lonely people (except fakes) because it is common in Moscow that groups gangsterise and murder lonely people masking yet it complicated and villaintly. So, lonely people just do not survive in the capital of Russia.
The another big contradiction with the touristic zones is that men are more here in numbers significantly than women. For instance, in the neighbour monk cell there are living 5 males and only 1 woman. The similar situation in other monk cells outside of touristic zones in Moscow.
Moreover, here are many horrible hostels and secret barracks not far around where are almost not women with a ratio of men to women at about 100 to 1.
This shortage of females is yet increased more by a feature that remaining women here do not have a femality often: they have a bandit type of soul with an absence of love, a stinky ugly body but skilled to conceal it all villaintly by many ways include making children which they hate and exploit.
Thus the shortage of females is very big and it triggers many specific features to the society here such as an existence of versatile amount of various artificial medias with alluring females (on pictures, in videous, alluring female voices in broadcasts, alluring female names for something male and etc, etc), very many deceitful offerings about girls, a strong hidden competition between males for females, an unofficial apartheide against males, a matriarchy and etc. Men mostly obey orders of women trying to lure and preserve they, women control and exploit men unconsciencely often. Parents of girls, males with sisters and yet those villaint persons who give false promises about females usually get power too.

But most is that you will get very many words 'love', 'love', 'love', 'love' from everywhere here and by versatile ways while any actions of real love of human to human are actually strictly forbidden, havily punished and villaintly blackwashed in Russia by the authorities! Real lovely people are wanted only for murdering instantly. Alluring fakes allowed and promoted.

Yet I need to mention that here is the old and relatively rich district of Russian capital near the Moscow River. But 'rich' do not means cultural for Moscow...
Here are very many various criminals, psychos and decayed persons include among neighbours. Few of they can harass to someone outdoor even specially provoking a conflict. They can harass to you too. So, you must be careful.

I recommend: in a case of any harassment, do not intensify the conflict - it is better just to go quiet without a response leaving a gloat destructor with nothing.

But do not worry so much. Actually, it is more safe area than alluring touristic zones in Moscow. Here was no incidents with my quests before. Treats here are more open, predictable and you can avoid they.

Thus, it is the proper area for many looking around, many walking cautiously, for get a correct knowledge about Moscow, become impressed and even bored by it.

And remember: it is better to become "sobered-up" by reading it rather than get it too late.

Gastgeber: Zhenya

Mitglied seit Januar 2015
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Both my parents was born in Moscow and I was born here too. I love water. Some hosts insert here alluring pictures of female for lure guests concealing that almost all are males here around. When the lured guests arrive then villaint male hosts meet they lying that allegedly she is not here now temporary only.
Both my parents was born in Moscow and I was born here too. I love water. Some hosts insert here alluring pictures of female for lure guests concealing that almost all are males he…
Während deines Aufenthaltes
I'm available by phone 24/7. I can help you to get a SIM-card of mobile operators in Russia.
I speak Russian as a native language and I speak English but not so well. I can answer to many your questions at a face to face meeting or via a video chat. But if you will ring me then please speak English slowly using simple words as possible. An English text or SMS by phone will be better.

I can bring you to my monkish cell helping with your luggage.

Please, pay in attention, I'm not like a blond careeristic girl from Belarus in a touristic zone in Moscow. I will not provide entertainments, I will not feign normality, friendness, holy hospitality and etc, etc...

But I will try to do for you the best what I can. I will be very glad to answer to all your questions and I will be happy to provide free excursions for you in Moscow - however, I'm not a professional guide.
I'm available by phone 24/7. I can help you to get a SIM-card of mobile operators in Russia.
I speak Russian as a native language and I speak English but not so well. I can an…
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