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I love hanging things from the ceilings.
I love hanging things from the ceilings.
  • Here is where you will be staying.There is room for Another on an air mattress by the fireplace.
  • You have a very comfy sofabed to sleep on after a busy day in London.
  • This is my sitting room and people love staying here.
  • You have a choice of pillows and a hot water bottle to keep you toasty.
  • These are from my grandparent's tour around the World.
  • Here are various loved things from my  family.
  • And here is the kitchen seen from the sitting room.
  • Here is my small gorgeous kitchen. It can seat 4 people but it is very tight.
  • I have all the things that you could want in a kitchen. Cooker,washing machine,microwave,dishwasher.
  • You can have breakfast here, or supper.
  • You are welcome to use my kitchen but please leave it tidy.
  • My hallway is packed with pictures, books, toys, dresses I have made, and vintage finds from all over the World.
  • I hang dresses I have made using vintage fabrics, and beautiful things I have collected over the years.
  • I have a mixture of kitsch and classic whatever catches my eye.
  • I love antique textiles and Chinese fabrics.
  • Down the stairs to my front door.
  • I love hanging things from the ceilings.
  • I collect things from all over the World.
  • These are very old books from my Aunt.
  • This is the hallway by my bathroom.. which you will be sharing with me.
  • Here is my bathroom.. it reminds people of ancient Greek buildings.
  • You are provided with towels, hairdryers and extra shampoos.
  • I have collected shells from all over the world.
  • This is the view from behind my home.
  • This is my little corner in Camden.
  • Here is my front door.
  • Camden Lock Market that is packed with people all the time.
  • Camden Lock - you can walk along the canal to Primrose Hill and see all of London from the top.
  •  Camden High Street - always busy.
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I love hanging things from the ceilings.