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The Upstairs Apartment bedroom
The Upstairs Apartment bedroom
  • The villa and your balcony!
  • The Upstairs Apartment bedroom
  • Bedroom detail
  • Bedroom detail.
  • The driveway.
  • The staircase leading up to your space
  • the Private ensuite Bathroom (it also has a shower, of course!)
  • Your private Kitchenette
  • Your table on your terrace
  • Terrace, detail.
  • The cactus.
  • The meadow with the oak tree, the palm tree and the olive trees.
  • The Garden
  • The Parking spot
  • The Basil.
  • Me, in my kitchen downstairs!
  • This Is the little road you have to take! (Yes, the smaller one on the left :) )
  • The gate you will see on the little road leading to the house, here you proceed left for 50 more meters!
  • The second Master Bedroom downstairs in my apartment.
  • Second Bedroom downstairs, door to the balcony.
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The Upstairs Apartment bedroom