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the room has a big desk
the room has a big desk
  • printing/reading studio
  • the room has a big desk
  • This is the room in 2d. The colors are a little different. The bed is a lits jumeaux. You can split them without any problem.
  • van ikea
  • the room has a lof of space for your clothes
  • In the bookshelf you find a lot of english books
  • printing/reading studio
  • printing/reading studio
  • At the kitchen you find an oven, a pavoni and senseo coffeemachine, a big refrigerator, gasheater, an oven and don't worry about the dishes because the dishwasher will do it for you. You can even sit with two people to make your stay really comfortable or to make a great diner or breakfast at home.
  • do you like to cook then I have good news because you have a big stove
  • the fridge is big enough for all
  • I still have to paint near the electric socket. I decided to make one there to charge your phone, toothbrush or to use your hairfone
  • I am finishing the bathroom now with the money of you guys. thank you airbnb and thank all the great gast I had in the past
  • a big shower for two
  • with my brand new washer you can clean all your clothes easily
  • Please visit the zoo around the corner. They have a great Amazonica full of butterflies. At the zoo you will find many wild animals, crazy monkey's, etc
  • I like this Catallan artwork surrounded by old masters in the Boymans Museum Rotterdam. What's your favorite artwork. tell me!
  • You will love the atmosphere in the oldest soccer stadium in the netherlands. come to a match and be SPARTA fan for the rest of your life!1
  • Oh ja I should not forget to mention this big interview about I Love DC in the Washington Post 2013 because I am artist.
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the room has a big desk