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Inside the house
Inside the house
  • View from inside the house
  • Outlook of the house A
  • Inside the house
  • overview the green  land and  ocean inside the house
  • Mimi's Haven A
  • Refrigerator and mini kitchen
  • Windows on the wall
  • Mimi's Haven A
  • morning light view of house A
  • Shower
  • Mimi's Haven A
  • Shower head
  • Mimi's Haven A
  • sunset view from our land.
  • Milk way picture taken in the night of our yard
  • Mimi's Haven A
  • Thick yellow line is the branch way to our place off the siquijor circumferential Road.
  • Go along the yellow line after San Joan.
  • Ocean cliff view near our place.
  • Mimi was in Cambugahay water fall , many tourism hotspots are in our area of lazi.
  • Snorkeling site near our place
  • Mimi with our guests in dinning area.
  • Mimi's Haven A
  • Honda Beat 300p a day
  • Honda click 150cc 350p a day
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Inside the house