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Relaxing couch
Relaxing couch
  • Matarangi Beach 4kms of unspoilt beach PHOTO NOT TAKEN FROM PROPERTY
  • Matarangi B&B
  • Kitchenette, Washer, Dining TV with door to bathroom & bedroom
  • Bedroom with door to bathroom
  • Private BBQ area, Flat ground no steps.
  • Bush land across the road sit outside and enjoy listening to the birds
  • White sandy beach Photo not taken from property
  • Harbour beach Photo not taken from Property
  • Matarangi B&B
  • Golf course 2 km away
  • A group playing bowls. 2 kms away
  • Walk around the harbour.
  • Matarangi Beach. Photo not taken from Property.
  • People launching their boat off the beach on a calm day. Photo not taken from property.
  • Relaxing couch
  • Bed in studio room
  • Flat path to guest entrance.
  • No steps to enter.
  • Sensor lighting lights up the path.
  • Sensor lighting lights up the entrance and pathways very well.
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Relaxing couch