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Located near all, quiet, and cozy room.
Located near all, quiet, and cozy room.
  • Located near all, quiet, and cozy room.
  • Comfortable, quiet, and medium sized cozy room. This room is designed for a perfect nights rest by including Eclipse 'black out' curtains that blocks out light and dampens sound.
  • Another view of the private room this time showing the night stand with side lamp which provides a input to charge a device by USB.
  • Front of the property (looking from the front parking spot) which has the front personal access door pictured.
  • 55" TV with an active Netlfix account for your viewing pleasure.
  • Large walk in closet with closing doors. To the left is the exit/entrance to the hall and the bathroom (across hallway).
  • Large size bathroom with available storage in front of the bath/shower.
  • Large sized vanity with high intensity bulbs that are controlled by a dimmer switch. Storage available in the door pictured to left of sink.
  • Pictured is entrance to full size bath which is located 4 steps from entrance of private bedroom .
  • Keyless entry door lock (available entry methods are RFfob (when the fob is over the "5" your door will be locked, four digit pin, or physical key)
  • Spacious (shared) living room with 65" smart TV that can connect to any wired (hdmi, usb, or any other cables are not provided) or wireless device.
  • Shared full size kitchen that is readily accessible for use.
  • Keurig which is available for use with any "k cups" you choose to bring or wish to use that are in the storage container under the Keurig
  • Kevo locking system that is "key free"! you can access this lock through your smart device for just by touching the "rose" of the cylinder to lock and unlock it! (Physical key is also available.)
  • Personal entrance door located at the front of the property.
  • Shared large size dining room that will accommodate any meal setting.
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Located near all, quiet, and cozy room.