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Unique roofs for the traces finished !
Unique roofs for the traces finished !
  • Unique roofs for the traces finished !
  • Funku's of Casa Marisa, Chã Das Caldeiras
  • Stairs going up to the roof terrace overlooking the fresh lava fields and the Pico
  • The 5 Funkus of Scoral (name of the small village part of Portale in the crater).
  • Inside the Funku (Traditional House of the Chã)
  • View from the window side - only room in the Funku (it is really hard to make pictures in these round houses;)
  • Useful literature provided in the Funku.
  • Bathroom of the Funku. PS.: Person in the mirror can change !
  • Connection of the 5 Funkus to Casa Marisa
  • Who needs Google Earth !? Island of Fogo with the exact location of Casa Marisa and the 5 Funkus
  • Breathtaking Caldeiras of Fogo
  • Crazy landscape of the Caldeiras
  • Shadow roof in progress for the 5 funkus.
  • One of the few real corners in the Funku.
  • The terrace of Casa Marisa, 30m from your Funku houses.
  • Favorite activity Nr.1 hiking up the volcano.
  • Favorite activity Nr.1+ "hiking" down the volcano ;)
  • Good mountain boots obligatory !
  • Absolute Nr1 favorite activity: relaxing beneath the Pico. Relaxer: Rebecca, Shooter of the relaxing: Bert Kubik
  • Arts of the Calderias.
  • Favorite activity: MUSIC (Here mountain guide and excellent guitar player João Montrond who lives next to Casa Marisa and is a team member).
  • Favorite activity: climbing / bouldering (equipment and competent guiding available in Casa Marisa ... and you do not have to be professionals like these two fanatics on the picture !)
  • 60% of the Casa Marisa team in the open and always for the guests visible and accessible kitchen of Casa Marisa.
  • Surrounding of the crater of the eruption November 2014
  • 24/7 self installed renewable energies (solar and geothermal).
  • Casa Marisa on the new Lavafield of 2014/15 !
  • Climbing bouldering with guests.
  • The 5 Funkus at the edge of the new lava-field and Casa Marisa in the background.
  • Music anytime there is time ... and there is actually a lot on Cabo Verde the clock seems to repeat some hours and sometimes goes slower. All very strange but sweet ;)
  • Your lovely hosts: Marisa & Mustafa !
  • View inside of the perfect crater of Fogo.
  • The Funku after they got their "Hat" !
  • Funku's of Casa Marisa, Chã Das Caldeiras
  • Funku's of Casa Marisa, Chã Das Caldeiras
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Unique roofs for the traces finished !